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This list provides a brief description of all hotels and resorts, we offer in Papua New Guinea. For each hotel a price per night is quoted. This price usually includes accommodation in a double room, including diving. Prices are shown in AUD for comparison reason and guidance only and do not account for special offers, seasonal surcharges and additional fees.

For detailed pricing please check the hotel/resort description.
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Kabaira Beach Hideaway  Rabaul
Kabaira Beach Hideaway is one hour drive from Rabaul (Tokua) Airport. It is located right at the beach and offers simple, clean accommodation. You find untouched reefs with the closest dive site only 10 minutes away by boat.
Price per night  Description from 255.- AUD
Lissenung Island Resort  Kavieng
Lissenung Island is very close to fantastic reefs which are amongst the finest in PNG. The island is a short boat ride away from Kavieng. Lissenung Island Resort is the most affordable resort in PNG. It has a nice sandy beach, which is rare in PNG.
Price per night  Description from 315.- AUD
Loloata Island Resort  Port Moresby
Loloata Island Resort is only 45 minutes away from Port Moresby's "Jackson International" airport. It is on a tiny Island and forms part of Bootless Bay. Port Moresby must be the only capital in the world which offers world class diving close by. Loloata is also a very good choice for those Port Moresby stopovers.
Price per night  Description from 335.- AUD
Rapopo Plantation Resort  Rabaul
Rapopo Plantation Resort, located on the Gazelle Peninsula on the island of New Britain, offers comfortable air-conditioned rooms overlooking Rabaul's Simpson Harbour and ancient volcanoes.
Price per night  Description from 297.- AUD
Tawali Resort  Milne Bay
Tawali Resort is a luxurious resort in the Milne Bay, accessible through Alotau. The resort is ideal land base to explore Milne Bay diving. Some of the very best dive sites are just a few minutes away from the resort.
Price per night  Description from 248.- AUD
Tufi Dive Resort  Tufi
Tufi Resort is one of the most luxurious dive resorts in PNG, great diving in Milne Bay and more. For vistors to PNG who want to experience a combination of great diving, trekking, kayaking and cultural activities without spending valuable time flying, Tufi Dive Resort is a great choice.
Price per night  Description from 310.- AUD
Walindi Plantation Resort  Walindi
Walindi Plantation Resort is the basis for a dive holiday in Kimbe Bay. The sheltered reefs are in the far western end of Kimbe Bay. Walindi is one of the most spectacular areas for reef diving in the world. This and luxury accommodation are the reasons that Walindi is one of the most wanted destinations in PNG.
Price per night  Description from 295.- AUD
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