Your Payment Options
Please make sure we have confirmed availability of your preferences to you via email and you agree to our Terms and Conditions before proceeding. Our Privacy Statement can be found here.
Credit Card (MasterCard, Visa, Amex)
Please send us a formal authorisation to charge your credit card with the invoiced amount(s) of money using our 256KB SSL encrypted secure payment form:

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Telegraphic Transfer/Direct Deposit:
If you prefer to pay us by direct deposit in your preferred currency (AUD, EURO or USD), please let your consultant know and we will send you our respective bank account details and the amounts payable.

How safe is my money?
This, unfortunately, is a valid question to which we have put a lot of thought. To assure you of our financial trust worthiness, we at DIVERSION DIVE TRAVEL have chosen the following system:

All payments go into our Trust Account. This account is only used to receive payments for travel arrangements, and to pay the operators accordingly. In plain English: We keep your money strictly separate from company funds!