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Tempel, Naama Bay

At the center of the bay of Ras Umm Sid, a large coral pillar extends skywards from the reef floor at 15 m. It is flanked by a number of outlying pinnacles. This is known as the Temple. There are several moorings close to the Temple and your boat will tie up there. It is best to take a compass bearing before you descend as the surrounding reef is fairly featureless and is easy to get lost on. The Temple itself is relatively small so take your time to do a couple of circuits at different depths. The reef is nicest around 5 or 6 m. Do not miss to watch out for the different kind of blennies. The Temple is an easy dive suited to divers of all levels. For this reason it is popular with local centers for dive courses, checkout dives and night dives. Good chances to see the fabulous spanish dancers.

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