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Ras Abu Helal, Dahab

Ras Abu Helal, also known as Little Canyon translates as, headland of the crescent moon. It refers to a crescent shaped reef south of Abu Talha. Like Abu Talha can only be dived at high tide in perfect conditions which makes this site on of the most spectacular of all the local sites in Dahab. This site has everything for both tec and recreational diving. The reef encircles a shallow lagoon at about 12 m. Outside is a gently sloping bay and on its northern side a broad ridge. The start of this ridge features one of the finest coral garden in the Dahab area and this is the main focus of the dive site. Alternatively there is a deeper canyon dive in 30 - 40 m at the end of this ridge. This is a serious dive option due to the distance from the entry point. Typically, divers will swim out in the blue at around 10 m until they spot an extremely slender crack before descending. This way both air and bottom time are conserved. The canyon twists in a unique pattern that offers very limited exit points, therefore entry into the Little Canyon is only for technical divers. The density and variety of both soft and hard corals and aquatic life here is spectacular. Among the multitudes of reef species, notable inhabitants are big grouper or rock cod, big starry puffers, unicorns, wrasse, triggerfish and lionfish. Sea turtles are also a common sight.

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