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George´s Wreck , East New Britain

This is one of the best wreck dives you could ask for. The wreck itself rests bow up on a steep slope with its anchor firmly fastened in its anchor hole on the starboard side. The ship’s length is roughly 220ft and the wreck is estimated to be about 1,500-2,000 tons. It is said to be a mine laying vessel. Initially (some would recall) the bow of the ship was above water and gradually over the years the ship has slipped further underwater and now rests upright with the bow at 11m and stern deck at about 55m. It is littered with sea-fans and black coral at the deeper ends. It is also possible to see cowries, feather stars, nudibranches, camoflaged fish - scorpion fish, stonefish, pipefish - and the odd pelagic.

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