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Restorf island, Kimbe Bay

Restorf Island offers more diversity with a short distance than almost any other Walindi dive site. From the sandy beach a diver almost immediately enters the sand flats in which there are large colonies of garden eels, at least four species of shrimp gobies, burrowing gobies, sand anemones, occasional flatheads and flounders, and , in season, the large excavated nests of yellow margin triggerfish. A little farther to the northeast is a hard coral reef which has some sea anemones occupied by clown anemone fish near the boat mooring and a dense growth of black coral trees and gorgonians on its deeper side. Swimming around to the west side of Restorf brings a dive to where the reef slopes downward in a patchwork of loosely connected bommies, many serving as anchors for gorgonian fans, black coral trees, sea whips, barrel sponges, and elephant ear sponges. Among these live many species of smaller nudibranchs, shrimp, feather duster worms, and an occasional octopus. Also resident blue ribbon eel.

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