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Susans Reef, Kimbe Bay

Susan’s Reef – Dense stands of Red Whip Gorgonians, Ellisella sp., give Susan’s Reef a unique aesthetic quality that sets it apart from other Walindi reefs, a feeling heightened by clinging tangles of colourful crioids. The sea whips are most numerous at the reef’s southern end between seventy-five and fifty-five feet as it rises up from a saddle that connects the dive site to a much larger reef. Susan’s Reef extends in a northerly direction with a sheer wall on its east side and a sloping garden of hard corals on the west. At the crest of the connecting saddle, at about eighty feet, are some pale sea fans. And when the current is right a few small sea pens push up through the sand to feed. Continuing upward past the sea whips a diver comes upon three large red sea fans. The deepest, at forty-six feet, is a good place to find the long-nose hawk fish. Above the thirty foot depth the reef is almost exclusively composed of dense staghorn corals among which are a few sea anemones which serve as hosts to three different kinds of anemone fish.

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