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Otto point, Kimbe Bay

Otto’s Point is the steeply descending corner at the northeastern end of Otto’s Reef. As the point descends it passes through large numbers of disc shaped mushroom corals at about forty feet and a number of brown blade-like sponges at seventy to eighty feet. There are also sea anemones with pink anemone fish at fifty-eight, seventy, ninety-two, and one hundred and four feet. But unquestionably, the biggest attraction of the dive is the fish. Schools of barracuda, trevally, sea perch, fusiliers, and unicornfish feed in the currents just beyond the reef, joined on occasions by sharks and tuna. As they round the point they sometimes come so close to the reef that a diver sitting quietly can almost touch them. Also of interest is the wall south of the point where, at depths of twenty to fifty, there are numerous ledges, overhangs, and small caves. The area has a rich growth of many kinds of sponge as well as black corals, reef clams, and ascidians. Within this encrusting community you can find spider crabs, gobies, and sponge-eating dorid nudibranchs.

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