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Anne Sophie Reef, Kimbe Bay

Anne Sophie’s Reef is one of Kimbe Bay’s most diverse reefs. Situated at the northern tip of the bay, just over an hours boat ride from Walindi. The main dive site is at the end of the reef structure running south away from one of the coastal islands. The top of the reef is in about 5m of water, it slopes down onto a sand bottom consisting of small coral bommies covered in a variety of soft coral. The maximum depth onto the sand is 23m. The reef is made up of a vast amount of varying corals, from hard brain coral and tubastea branching corals to elegant sea fans, black coral trees and barrel sponges. Along the sand bottom garden eels and goby shrimp can be sited. On the top and along the sides, crabs, scorpion fish, nudibranchs, flatworms and dart fish can be found. The water column surrounding the reef is abound with fish life such as barracuda, trevelly, bat fish, unicorn fish, Moorish idols, parrot fish and damsel fish. On most dives grey reef sharks and turtles have been seen. The dive site can vary with the water movement, from calm, still water to a moving current across the top.

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