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Bradford Shoals, Kimbe Bay

Bradford Shoals is a dive site of the sea mount type, an isolated reef which rises from considerable depths to within sixty-five feet of the surface. The reef structure is predominantly flat plates of hard corals, and adaptation allowing maximum utilization of the reduced sunlight at that depth. There are also many colonies of Leather Coral, Sarcophyton. The reef slopes downward from its twin summits to a lip at about ninety feet, after which the drop is almost sheer vertical. Most of the reef is covered with
Among the corals are a number of the smaller species of reef fish such as fairy basslets, butterfly fish , and damselfish, and quite a number of pink anemone fish. Interesting as these are, the real reason for visiting Bradford Shoals is big fish, especially pelagics.
The reef seems to act as a magnet for these fish and on any dive one is almost certain to see large schools of Barracudas, Pinfaro, Big eye trevally, Dog tooth tuna, Unicorn fish, Fusiliers and Sharks, either Gray reef sharks or on rare occasions a Hammer head.

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