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Helmet Wreck, Palau

Situated in Malakal Harbour, this recently discovered wreck has yet to be identified and so is named after the large numbers of helmets that can be seen inside it. She lies almost vertically at a depth of between 15 - 35m. This small supply ship will reveal a wealth of treasures - some EXTREMELY dangerous. The main cargo hold contains a multitude of depth charges. Under the port upper deck, helmets, rifles, ammunition and gas masks are everywhere. The aft gun mount and propeller are still intact as is the rudder. The middle of the deck is open as the main stack has broken away and lies to the starboard side and you can gain entry to a catwalk above the engine room from here. The wheelhouse is also easily penetrable through the roof which has long since rotted away. There are two forward holds that can be easily explored through open hatches. As there is no longer a partition between the two, the swim-through is easy. There is plenty of bric-a-brac lying on, or buried beneath, the silt and three radial aircraft engines are clearly visible. All-in-all, this is a wreck dive that must be experienced and opportunities for photography are excellent, particularly at night. Please remember that there is plenty of dangerous, unexploded ordnance about, so be careful.

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