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Ngerchong Outside, Palau

Ngerchong Outside is a sharp contrast from Ngerchong Inside. This is a long, straight drift dive ( Drift diving ) along a wall that starts at about 10~12 meters (35-40 feet) below the surface, and slopes off at a 45-60 degree angle toward deep water. The wall is extremely long, allowing 90 minutes of effortless drift dive, even in a strong current, before the wall becomes a 45~60 foot deep sandy plain with patches of coral and napping reef sharks. The wall itself is home to many large Gorgonian sea fans (Sea fan), reef fish, and reef sharks. Rarely, a whale shark cruises along this wall. Visibility is usually in the 15-to-25 meter (45-80 foot) range, typical for Palauan dives, but occasionally worsens to nearly unacceptable levels (10m / 33\\´).

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