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Peleliu Cut, Peleliu

Peleliu Cut is the most southerly point within the main island group of Palau. Only Anguar, 2 hours sail away is further south. Peleliu saw some of the most violent and bloody fighting of World War II, when American troops got bogged down in heavy fighting with Japanese in well defended positions. The reef her is very different to that found further along towards German Channel. The top and edge of the reef are scoured clean of almost any living coral; only that which can survive strong current and surge can enjoy these conditions! The top of the reef is in about 30ft of water, and drop almost vertically into the abyss. The wall is covered in wonderful soft corals and seafans, and corkscrew like whip corals. Near the southern tip of the reef the wall cuts back in towards the land, forming a funnel like structure that affords some protection from the currents and surge. At about 80ft can be found a large and magnificent anemone with resident clownfish. There are vast quantities of fish to be seen both on the top of the reef and along the wall itself. Lots of grey reef sharks cruise the open water, as do eagle rays and sometimes mantas. Orcas have also been seen here, but don’t expect to see them again! You will also see large congregations of jacks, batfish, snapper and such like.

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