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Sata, Palau

The Sata lies 250 yards north of the Iro. Both ships were bombed and sunk during operation DESECRATE ONE, March 30-31, 1944. The Sata and Iro are identical ships; both were bombed and sunk by bomb hits in the stern. The Sata did not go down easily and was bombed repeatedly by the U.S Navy till she suddenly sank and turned over on her way to the bottom. Neither ship carried a name or any other identifying serial numbers nor to this day has anything been found to positively identify which ship is the Sata and which is the Iro. The Sata lies on her superstructure almost flush with the bottom, only her port side offers a small opening into the ship. On the port side toward the stern is large hole that is unusual in that it was blown inward. It is possible to enter one of the holds at this location, but it is not advised due to the ship’s age and the structural deterioration of the ship. The bottom of the ship resembles a large rock covered with coral growth. The ship was never salvaged; the huge propeller with its marine growth offers a unique photo opportunities.

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