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Short Drop-Off, Palau

Short Drop Off takes its name from the fact that it\'s relatively close to the boat docks, compared to many of Palau\'s better-known dives. The two dives which are far closer than even Short Drop Off are Chandelier Cave and a shipwreck extremely close to Palau Pacific Beach Resort. \"Short Drop Off\" is usually used by dive gudes as a first dive for customers or when the weather is questionable enough that the diveguides prefer not to venture far from home. This should not detract from the fact that Short Drop Off is a satisfying wall dive, and fairly typical for Palau\'s wall dives, with sharks, rays, napoleon wrasses and turtles in the shallow-to-60-foot depths and very satisfying coral populations. Visibility is typical for Palau, being in the 15-25 meter range.

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