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Teshio Maru, Palau

This wreck is one of the few that is to be found outside the scattered islands of Palau, and away from the poorer visibility of those areas. Having been attacked by airplanes she as either taking evasive action and hit a reef or was again attacked and subsequently sank on her starboard side on a reef area in about 80ft of water southwest of the main shipping channel. While an impressive 320ft long she only weighed 2850 tons, but as she lies in an area of open sea with usually exceptional visibility large portions of her hulk can be viewed at a time. And being on her side allows you to inspect both the underside of the keel but also the deck and superstructure. The wreck is covered in a variety of soft corals, staghorn and plate corals, sponges and clams. A giant puffer fish can nearly always be seen; this is quite clearly home. Large schools of glassfish also make their home in the wreck.

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