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Show Positions:
Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea
 Barracuda Pass
 Blight Reef
 Blue Wonder
 Broken Patches
 Cathedral Wall
 Coral Sea - Bougainville Reef
 Coral Sea - Flinders Reef
 Coral Sea - Holmes Reef
 Escape Reef
 Far Northern Reefs
 Green Island - New York
 Hastings Reef
 HMS Pandora
 Light Reef - Phil's Bommie
 Low Isles
 Manta Wall
 Mantis Reef - Martin's Mecca
 Mantis Reef - North Wall
 Mantis Reef - Rainbow Wall
 Mermaids Cove
 Michaelmas Reef
 Milln Reef - Rainbow
 Mobula Wall
 Moore Reef - 5 Ways
 Moore Reef - Labyrinth
 Norman Reef - Bob's Bommie
 Norman Reef - Clipper
 Norman Reef - Plate Top
 Norman Reef - Playground
 Norman Reef - Pontoon
 Norman Reef - Wayne's World
 Northern Small Detached Reef
 Pellowe Reef - Cucumber Alley
 Raine Island
 Saxon Reef - Coral Garden
 Saxon Reef - Twin Peaks
 Shark City
 Southern Small Detached Reef
 Star Reef
 Stead Passage
 Sudburry East Wall
 The Quetta Wreck
 Thetford Reef - Cathedrals
 Tijou Reef
 Whitsunday Islands
 Yongala wreck
Heron Island
 3 Rocks
 Blue Pools
 Bylund’s Pass or Viv’s
 Coral Canyons
 Coral Cascades
 Coral Gardens
 Coral Grotto
 Gorgonia Hole
 Harry’s Bommie
 Heron Bommie
 Hole in the Wall
 Libbies’s Lair
 Ned´s Bommie
 North Bommie
 Pam´s Point
 Plate Ledge
 Staghorn Banks
 Tenements 1
 Tenements 2
 The Cliffs
 The Junction
 Turtle Gully
 Wistari 1
 Wistari 2
Lady Elliot
 Anchor Bommie
 Coral Gardens
 Groupers Grovel
 Hiro´s Cave
 Lighthouse Bommie
 Maori Wrasse Bommie
 Severance Wreck
 Shark Pool
 Spiders Ledge
 Sunset Drift
 The Blowhole
 Three Pyramids
Osprey Reef
 Abington Reef
 Around The Bend
 Chilcot Islet
 China Wall
 Dart Reef
 Diamond Islets
 Diane Bank
 False Entrance
 Flora Reef
 Half Way Wall
 Herald Cays
 Herald Surprise
 Holmes Reef
 Lithou Reefs
 Madgelaine Cays
 North Horn
 North Wall
 Predators Playground
 Rock Arch
 Scuba Zoo
 Secret Caves
 Silver City
 South Horne
 The Abyss
 Tregrosse Reefs
 Watanabe Bommie
 Willie's Islets
Ribbon Reefs
 Challenger Bay
 Cod Hole
 Dynamite Pass
 Flare Point
 Joanie´s Joy
 Lighthouse Bommie
 Pixie Gardens
 Pixie Pinnacle
 Pixies Pinnacle
 Steve´s Bommie
 Temple Of Doom
 The Snake Pit
 Two Towers
 Vertical Gardens
Reefs near to Cairns
 Agincourt Reef
 Agincourt Reef - Nursery Bommie
 Agincourt Reef - The Point
 Agincourt Reef - Trigger Fish City
 Flynn Reef - Coral Garden
 Flynn Reef - Gordon´s Mooring
 Flynn Reef - Ski Slop
 Flynn Reef - Tracey´s Bommie
 Green Island - Fringing Reefs
 Milln Reef - Petaj
 Milln Reef - Swimming Pool 2
 Milln Reef - Swimming Pool 1
 Milln Reef - Three Sisters
 Milln Reef - Whale Bommie
 Norman Reef
 Norman Reef - Caves
 Norman Reef - Troppo´s
 Saxon Reef