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French Polynesia (Tahiti)
French Polynesia Master
French Polynesia Master
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French Polynesia Liveaboard
Built of steel, the French Polynesia Master is the newest liveaboard to ply the waters of this island archipelago, welcoming aboard 25 guests for 7 or 10 night dive safaris. 4 decks provide ample space for relaxation and dive equipment and camera preparation. The Master crew ensure you receive only the highest quality service on your diving vacation.
Planned Itineraries
The diving itineraries take you through the Tuamotu Island chain, from Rangiroa to Fakarava, with a choice of 7 or 10 night trips between these two hot spots, as well as a Fakarava-Fakarava 7-night loop which maximises the time spent in this area. Dive sites are typically channel or “Pass” dives and the route planning for each trip is highly dependent upon the incoming and out-going tides for each island. We dive the optimum tide for each site to bring you the ultimate in pelagic fish action. Strong currents to be expected and it is therefore recommended divers have experience beyond beginner level to ensure maximum enjoyment. Dive sites also include outer reefs, plateaus and coral gardens found with the lagoon, where currents are less intense and many smaller creatures can be found.