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Wakatobi Dive Centre
The well equipped dive centre is managed by a Swiss team and offers safety service by european standard. Besides dive excursions they also offer dive gear to hire. The resort has a Nitrox fill station and is specialised for rebreather diving (please book in advance). The tanks are equipped with INT connection, some DIN connections are also available (please reserve in advance).
Dive Service
Wakatobi offers guests three types of diving options: Shore diving directly off the beach - simply gear up and go! Explore six dive sties here, around the clock. Night dives are available when the weather allows.

Diving from the House Reef tender boat - this allows you to explore dive sites on the house reef normally not accessible from the Resort. Due to the house reef being so expansive this adds several sites for you to enjoy.

Scheduled Boat Dives - There's over 40 dive sites within 10 to 60 minutes boat ride from the resort. The boats used are based on traditional Indonesian boat designs and are especially made locally with divers in mind. They are 24 meters (70ft) long and feature a large camera platform, rinse tank, toilet, fresh water shower, oxygen, GPS and marine radio. The boats have a range of 70 miles and can comfortably cruise at 11 miles/hour. They can comfortably accommodate 14 divers (usually 10-12). Entry is by "giant stride" to port or starboard.

A full range of dive equipment is available for rental complete with dive computer. NITROX and rebreather facilities are available.
Dive Sites
Wakatobi started making headlines in the diving community in the mid 90's and by now many divers have found their way to Wakatobi at the southern tip of Sulawesi and all of them agree that it is more than worth the trip. Long boat transfers are not necessary as the dive sites are within minutes of the resort.
The hundreds of kilometers of reef structure in the National Marine Park provide every imaginable marine animal including whales, dolphins, sharks, rays, tunas, barracudas, marlin and more.

Most of the dives are drift dives along colorful, dramatic walls of coral. Partial drop-off dives are also offered along with seamount dives, slopes and a 40m-long Japanese freighter, here are just a few examples of the many dive sites within easy reach of the resort:
Wakatobi House Reef
Six different sites are actually accessible directly off the beach in front of the resort. It's only 80 yards from the shoreline to the drop-off. Highlights include a great variety of fishes, invertebrates, macro subjects, beautiful soft corals, gorgonians, tunicates, whips, sponges, overhangs' all totaling a spectacular rainbow of color.

Inka's Palette
Beginning as a gentle slope, Inka's Palette plummets into the depths with multiple overhangs. There are very large tube sponges, huge leather corals, a giant Tridacna Clam, good fish life and a colorful palette of hard and soft corals.

Mari Mabuk Turkey Beach
This is a long ridge running from 15 feet down to 80. It features huge sea fans, coral heads adorned in bright soft corals and feather stars blooming in the frequently swift current. The saddle that bridges the reef contains Blue ribbon Eels, leaf fish, Crocodile fish, scorpion fish, nudibranchs and more.

Lorenz's Delight Roma
Begin by plunging deep, where forests of immense yellow wire corals spiral 15 feet or higher off the steeply sloping wall. Then work your way up to the 60-foot range, where an overhanging ledge harbors big sea fans framed in colorful soft corals.

Onamobaa Cavern
An extension of the house reef, this is an excellent soft coral dive. Often compared with Hanging Gardens at Sipadan. Every part of the reef is covered with color and life.
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