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Yap Divers
Yap Divers is owned by Bill Acker, the diving pioneer of Yap. They have the best eqipped dive shop in Yap. All of the dive facilities and equipment storage are conveniently located within the grounds of the Manta Ray Bay Hotel.
Dive Service
Yap Divers have a number of comfortable speed boats which head to the reef in the morning for 2 dives. It is possible to do up to 5 dives per dive day.

Yap Divers, a full service dive centre, offers all levels of instruction, Scubapro rental equipment which is replaced annually, morning and afternoon dives to either the Manta sites or the reefs, and night dives on request. The staff of Yap Divers are mostly local Yapese with a wealth of knowledge about their reefs and the marine creatures that live there. They are a PADI 5 Star facility. Yap Divers offers also a photo-pro service.
Dive area
The professional staff at Yap Divers will guide you to the best diving Yap has to offer, from the gentle mantas of Mil Channel and Valley of the Rays, to the spectacular walls, reefs and sheer drop-offs at the southern end of the island such as the Yap Caverns, Magic Kingdom, Cabbage Patch & Gilman Wall. Most of Yap's dive sites are within a 30-50 minute boat ride of the dive centre.

Although there are heaps of charted dive sites and a program to discover more dive destinations, the fun part is that plenty of Yap's reefs remain unexplored. It is often said that Yap is "World Class Diving's Best Kept Secret".

As many as thirty Mantas ranging in size from about 2m to 4m (6-13 ft) have been sighted at one time. Hard corals interspersed with small clumps of soft coral and anemones. Schools of Jacks and Black Snappers congregate on the ridge. White Tip Reef Sharks regularly cruise the ridge along with occasional Gray Reef Sharks. A wide variety of small reef fish are present to provide cleaning services for the Mantas.

This vertical wall forms the extreme southern tip of the fringing reef which surrounds Yap. It juts out into blue water and is washed by currents flowing past the island. Because of the steady flow of nutrients, the coral and fish populations are particularly lush. The wall makes an vertical drop and then slopes to a 60 metres ( 200 ft.) ledge before disappearing into the blue abyss. The concentrations of fish and corals make this one of the premier wall dives in the world. This area is named after the many lionfish that live in the crevices along the wall.
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