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Blue Lagoon Dive Centre
Blue Lagoon Dive Centre in Chuuk, Truk Lagoon, opened its doors to divers already in 1973. Since then the humble shack has grown into a modern dive shop that provides full service to divers looking for adventure on the historic wrecks of Truk.
Gradvin Aisek carries the legacy of his father, Kimiuo who opened the underwater world of Truk Lagoon to the world. His experience and knowledge of the wrecks has given divers an opportunity to enjoy "the World's Greatest Wreck Diving."
Dive Service
Conveniently located on the grounds of the Blue Lagoon Dive Resort, the air conditioned dive shop provides sales, service and classes. A fleet of fast, comfortable, covered dive boats and knowledgeable guides provide easy access to the wrecks and allows divers the freedom to dive in small, personal groups on wrecks of their choice.
Storage lockers and rinse tanks are available at the hotel dock, where your boat and guide will meet you in the morning. Normal INT valves are available, but other valves as well, which is covered in the technical diving section.

Blue Lagoon Dive Centre offers dives daily 2-tank morning dives and 1-tank dive after lunch. Night dives can be arranged upon request directly with the dive shop.
Technical diving
EANx is available at the Blue Lagoon Dive Shop. Up to EANx40 can be provided to divers with a basic Nitrox rating. Mixes from 40% to 100% can be provided to divers with the necessary certification. Valid certification cards from all training organizations are recognized. EANx gas is provided in 12 liter (80 cuft) cylinders.
Both standard and compact tanks are available. They are fitted with Thermo 'K' valves (yoke type). DIN (OMS) modular valves are available in single, 'H', or as isolation manifolds as per request. Yoke to DIN adapters and DIN insert to yoke adapters are available.
Double bands, various size deco tanks, O2 service regulators, and air or EANx dive computers are all available for rent to support dives. Mixes are made by partial pressure blending on a three gas panel built around a Haskel booster pump. Trimix can be provided by an IANTD certified blender. A limited quantity of Helium is stocked. For sorb, diving guests should post this to the dive shop 2-3 months prior to their arrival. Any tech diving requirements should be booked well in advance to ensure all required items are available for your dives. Dive and specialty courses are offered on request.
Dive area
Chuuk Lagoon has attracted divers from virtually every corner of the world. Marine archaeologists have located 41 World War II shipwrecks, referred to recently as The Ghost Fleet, although as many as 65 ships may be quietly resting at the bottom of the lagoon.
A majority of the wrecks are located on the windward side of Tonoas Island, and between Tonoas and Fefan islands. Another concentration of wrecks can be found near Uman Island. The dive shop generally visits around 20 of the most popular dive sites plus other interesting sites upon request or when conditions are right. Most dive sites are located within a 25 minute boat ride from the dive centre.
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