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Fiji's coral reef system is a complex web of barrier reefs surrounding large lagoons and islands. Coral growth and fish action are most robust on those outer barrier reefs. Marine life is especially concentrated within the reef passages and channels that link the lagoons with the deep ocean. It is this type of underwater topography and the current activity that make Fiji one of the soft coral capitals of the world and yet also provide excellent drift diving opportunities with some stunning wall dives and pelagic action. Central Fiji offers some the best diving around these islands, and the area known as the "Nai'a Triangle" of Lomaiviti, Bligh Water and Namena is the focus for regular itineraries, covering about 500 nautical miles. These barrier reefs are remote, vast and a long way from shore bases, so only the best-equipped live-aboard diving vessels can access these locations.
In the past, Nai'a has found beautiful sites and dramatic attractions throughout every region and they continually explore for new sites and locations. However, the central region has proved the most consistent in the quality and health of terrains, animals and conditions. Lomaiviti's coral reefs and islands are Fiji's most dynamic and varied: voracious sharks to vibrant soft corals. Much of the area remains uncharted and the dive sites untouched. All this makes NAI'A dive sites in the Nai'a Triangle of Lomaiviti, Namena and Bligh Water largely exclusive. You are extremely unlikely to encounter another dive boat during a Nai'a trip - it will feel like your own private pristine Fiji.
Fiji Itinerary
Naia's normal 7 & 10 day itinerary starts and ends in Lautoka, just north of Nadi, where the international airport is located. After an initial "checkout" dive on the afternoon of boarding, NAI'A heads north and east around the flank of the main island of Viti Levu to reach Bligh Water. Several different dive sites in Bligh Water are available, including E6, Mt. Mutiny, Cat's Meow and Ravai's Wives, depending on localized weather conditions. From there they choose the sites according to weather, tides, and passengers' inclinations and generally they visit the islands and barrier reefs of Namena, Wakaya, and Gau. On 10 night charters, more time is available to dive the various reefs in the Koro Sea, some of them near Namena and others near nowhere! Detailed local knowledge is critical in order to maximize the number of good dives in the best spots. For this reason Nai'a doesn't offer a fixed itinerary, instead they tailor each voyage to the prevailing tides and weather conditions.
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