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Palau's pioneer in scuba diving - Fish 'n Fins
Established in 1972, Palau's leading dive center Fish 'n Fins and Ocean Hunter liveaboards are owned and run by Tova and Navot Bornovski. The couple has developed a 5-star, 21st century dive center and will be your personal hosts in Palau, always ready to assist you during your lifetime diving and exploration experience.
Dive Center and Service
You will always have at least one dive guide on your boat, often an international team of two, who will lead you in the water on every dive, helping you identify fish, showing you underwater secrets, and answering all your questions about Palau.

The dive guides are all trained to at least the PADI Divemaster level and are underwater naturalists. They hail from Japan, Philippines, Israel and Austria. However, the majority of the guides and all boat captains are Palauan. Having grown up around the reef, they act as invaluable sources of knowledge, and ambassadors into Palauan culture as well.

At Fish 'n Fins, diver numbers are limited per day boat. All boats have cushioned seating, protective overhead covering, and dry storage compartments. They offer PADI Dive courses from beginners to professional levels.

Fish 'n Fins offers the diver a wide variety of air tanks: 80 (standard), 100, 70 and 63 cubic feet (12, 15, 10.5 and 9.5 litres). An extra charge applies for rental of the 15 litre tanks.

NITROX tanks are aluminum 80's clearly identified with the yellow/green Nitrox markings. INT and DIN valves are available. Nitrox up to 32% is offered free of charge to all nitrox certified divers! Fish 'n Fins is a full technical diving facility. They offer guided technical excursions and cater for all needs including Deep, Wreck and CCR Rebreather divers.
Fish 'n Fins Photo Shop
Underwater cameraman and photographer Richard Brooks is proud to be working with Fish 'n Fins. "The facilities here at Fish 'n Fins are first class and the diving is fantastic, so much diversity and action, it's a real thrill to capture it on video for our guests and clients".

Richard brings with him to Palau years of experience in digital imagery and can provide High Definition footage with the latest in HD cameras. Richard can cater to both individuals and dive groups requesting his filming services. The Fish 'n Fins photo shop can also provide underwater digital still and video cameras for hire and if you would like to take a course in underwater photography or videography this can also be arranged.
Dive areas
Palau's warm tropical waters are legendary amongst divers for their dramatic sheer walls rising from the depths to within inches of the surface and capped with thriving coral reefs. Palau is home to over 1,300 species of fish and more than 700 species of coral. World renowned for its' marine bio-diversity and abundance of large pelagic animals, Palau also offers avid wreck divers one of Micronesia's largest collections of WWII shipwrecks. From current swept plateaus to sheltered coral gardens, Palau offers a wonderful range of diving for every level of interest and skill. The majority of diving in Palau is drift diving along the walls, plateaus and coral gardens of the outer reef.

Fish n' Fins boats visit all the famous dive sites around Palau in their comfortable speed boats - Ngemelis Wall, Blue Corner, Blue Hole and Turtle Cove where divers have the rare opportunity to view lively soft corals, giant gorgonian fans, wrasse, parrot fish, moorish idols and schools of roaming jack barracuda. The travelling time to most of the Palau dive sites is generally around one hour from Koror.
Daily itinerary
Fish n' Fins has daily morning dive trips, which return in the late afternoon.
Afternoon trips are available on request and the night dives are superb. There are also plenty of opportunities to savour the delights of the spectacular Rock Islands and lunch is taken on one of the many remote beaches in this area. Don't miss the chance to stop off for snorkelling at the surreal Jelly Fish Lake which is also offered at least once during each diver's stay.
We think...
Fish 'n Fins is one of the two top operators we work with in Palau. Their cleverly designed fleet of boats are by far the most comfortable vessels for day trips, not just in Palau, but in the whole Pacific region. Experienced dive guides and multilingual staff will make your stay in one of the best reef dive destinations in the world pleasant and care-free.
Pricing & Availability
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