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The Royal Evolution is a very comfortable ocean going dive boat. They generally offer 6 to 13 night dive cruises to Egypt and Sudan. During the summer months they also offer a variety of one week cruises to the best dive sites in Egypt. Depending on the route, the last night is at a hotel either in Ras Ghalib or in Hurghada.
Accommodation & Facilities
The 29m (95ft) steel boat can accommodate up to 24 divers. There are 12 cabins, all with individually adjustable air-conditioning, TV/DVD, mini bar, safety box and a small bathroom/WC. Eight cabins are twin share with two separate beds; the four suites are larger and have a double bed and attract a small surcharge.
The comfortable, air-conditioned lounge has seating for 24 guests. Here you find a bar, a modern TV/DVD and a small library. The restaurant serves three meals per day. Snacks and fresh fruit are always available.

Outside there is ample space for sunbaking or lounging in the shade and there is a bar and a Jacuzzi. The boat also has a small spa area for massage treatments. There are plenty of re-charge facilities in 220 and 110 Volt. The boat has two dinghies. The technical and safety equipment are state of the art.
Diving service
On diving days they offer five dives per day, including night dive. Generally the dives are conducted off one of the dinghies. Three diving instructors or guides look after the operation, they speak several languages. On each tour they film a video, which can be purchased at the end of the tip. Guests must have a certain amount of diving experience. At least 50 dives plus advanced certificate are prerequisite to take part in the safaris. Usually divers dive on their own in buddy pairs.

There are fifteen 12L (80cu ft) aluminium tanks with INT or DIN connection available for diving. Nitrox is available for an additional charge. The equipment is stored on the large dive deck; there are also toilets, showers and plenty of room for everyone.
Dive areas
SUDAN Sudanese waters are possibly the most beautiful and certainly the wildest in the Red Sea. Every trip to the Sudan has the aura of adventure and every dive the thrill of meeting sharks and large pelagics. The Sudanese reefs rise like mushrooms from the considerable depths. Massive schools of fish, pelagic fish, unspoilt coral reefs and interesting wrecks make this an unforgettable experience. Areas like Sanganeb, Shaab Rumi, Shaab Suedi and the Umbria wreck at Wingate Reef are highlights for divers in the Red Sea.

Still further south in Eritrea are the Dahlaks and about hundred islands. The fauna is very rich and the opportunity for exciting encounters is guaranteed. Finally there are the turbulent straits of Bab al Mandab and the waters of the Seven Brothers, a little archipelago in the middle of currents and tides. Although exceptionally rich in fish, the water is not always as clear as typical for the Red Sea.
EGYPT The Brother Islands are still one of the hot spots of the dive scene and offer fantastic diving for everyone. The slightly more remote Daedalus Reef or the famous Elphinstone Reef with its steep drops promise encounters with big fish and other spectacular experiences. There are also excellent dive spots at Rocky Island, Zabargad Island, St. John's Reef and countless sites down south.

The off shore Marine Park islands, The Brothers, Daedalus, Rocky Islands and Zabargad Islands, are the highlights of the Red Sea. The Brother Islands, two outer reefs rising from great depths, are one of the world's best dive sites. Steep walls, covered by stunning soft corals of all colours, black and fan corals, two wrecks, pelagic fish and schools of fish will excite any diver. With some luck you'll meet thresher sharks, grey reef sharks, hammer head, oceanic white tip sharks and mantas. The trip in stormy weather may be somewhat rough, but the diving makes up for the effort.
Another sure winner for world-class diving is close to the Daedalus Islands, where especially in summer you are very likely to encounter pelagics, and be prepared to meet schools of hammer head sharks!
Excellent and almost unspoilt dive sites are in the areas of Rocky Island and Zabargad Island. All those sites are teaming with schools of tropical fish and promise lots of big fish action. Much further south, St John is a collection of small reefs offering all the beauty of the Red Sea with breathtaking reefs covered with hard corals and soft corals in all colours. Add the possibility to spot a wide variety of pelagics, big fish, Dolphins and diving through a labyrinth of caves.

The North offers very good to spectacular wreck diving. The Thistlegorm is a must dive, you cannot miss this one! She holds plenty cargo like motorcycles, locomotives and war goods - a really unique dive. The wrecks of Abu Shaab Nuhas are also worth a visit. Dives in the Tiran Strait complete the tours in the north.
We think...
The Royal Evolution is a comfortable dive cruise boat. The trips from Egypt to Sudan save the complicated journey flying in via Port Sudan; but guests must put up with a longer cruise to Sudan.
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