Grand Sea SerpentMarsa Alam

The Grand Sea Serpent is a large, spacious dive liveaboard and the flagship of the Sea Serpent Fleet. It sails the entire coastline of the Egyptian Red Sea on 7 night trips.
Dive trips to the north and south are offered all year round to the Brother Islands, the reefs of St Johns and to the Marine Park. Depending on the excursion, the vessel starts from either Hurghada or Port Ghalib.
Accommodation & Facilities
With a length of 41 meters (135 feet) and a width of 8 meters (26 feet), the Grand Sea Serpent is the largest ship in the Sea Serpent fleet and at the same time one of the most luxurious safari vessels in the Red Sea. With a total of 12 cabins, including 2 suites, the vessel offers room for 24 divers. Each cabin has a private bathroom with showers, (even with massage shower heads) a minibar and air conditioning. Two communal bathrooms are also available.
The main deck contains a large saloon, which is equipped with a wide selection of entertainment technology. The lounge is separated from the dining room (where they serve delicious western food). In addition there are two sun decks, one on the 2nd upper deck and the other one is the top deck of the ship. Electronic equipment and safety standards are state of the art.
Dive Service
Up to four dives are performed on each day, mainly off the small boat (Zodiac) or the dive deck of the mother ship. Divers should be more experienced to participate in these excursions. Trimix, Nitrox and helium mixtures are available on request for the divers who are certified to dive with mixed gasses. 12 litre aluminium tanks with INT and also DIN connection are available.
Dive Sites
The off shore Marine Park islands, The Brothers, Daedalus, Rocky Islands and Zabargad Islands, are the highlights of the Red Sea. The Brother Islands, two outer reefs rising from great depths, are one of the world's best dive sites. Steep walls, covered by stunning soft corals of all colours, black and fan corals, two wrecks, pelagic fish and schools of fish will excite any diver. With some luck you?ll meet thresher sharks, grey reef sharks, hammer head, oceanic white tip sharks and mantas. The trip in stormy weather may be somewhat rough, but the diving makes up for the effort.
Another sure winner for world-class diving is close to the Daedalus Islands, where especially in summer you are very likely to encounter pelagics, and be prepared to meet schools of hammer head sharks!
Excellent and almost unspoilt dive sites are in the areas of Rocky Island and Zabargad Island. All those sites are teaming with schools of tropical fish and promise lots of big fish action. Much further south, St John is a collection of small reefs offering all the beauty of the Red Sea with breathtaking reefs covered with hard corals and soft corals in all colours. Add the possibility to spot a wide variety of pelagics, big fish, Dolphins and diving through a labyrinth of caves.

The North offers very good to spectacular wreck diving. The Thistlegorm is a must dive, you cannot miss this one! She holds plenty cargo like motorcycles, locomotives and war goods - a really unique dive. The wrecks of Abu Shaab Nuhas are also worth a visit. Dives in the Tiran Strait complete the tours in the north.
We think...
The Grand Serpent is a luxury vessel, which will meet even highest demands. In service, comfort and safety, the Grand Serpent will surpass all other liveaboards.
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