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Lady Elliot Island is a true Coral Cay of 42 Hectares (100 acres), which has evolved over thousands of years and is an important sea-bird and turtle rookery site. There is a low key environmentally oriented resort with 49 rooms, which gives guests the opportunity to experience a relaxed laid back atmosphere in tune with nature and the sea. The island has its own airstrip and serviced daily.
How to get there
Situated 400 kms north of Brisbane and 80 kms north-east of Bundaberg, Lady Elliot Island is the Southern most Coral Cay of the Capricorn Bunker Group of the Great Barrier Reef. It has a small airstrip which is serviced by daily flights from Bundaberg or Hervey Bay. Bundaberg can be reached from Brisbane by regular daily flights with Qantas or the fast train from Brisbane. Hervey Bay has direct flights on Virgin and Jetstar from Sydney.
Lady Elliot has various types of accommodation available. With the environment in mind, all linen is supplied and changed every third day. Fresh towels are available daily.

2 BEDROOM ISLAND SUITES (5): Absolute beach frontage - comfortable accommodation on the Barrier Reef. This spacious suite accommodates up to four people. Spend time enveloped in the island experience on your own private balcony.

REEF UNITS (13): Arranged in blocks of three, some of these units have just a queen bed but most of these units are furnished with a queen and a bunk bed comprising two singles, making them ideal for families. Polished timber floors, wardrobe space and a ceiling fan are available in every Reef Unit.

GARDEN UNITS (11): Arranged in blocks of three, these units are furnished with a queen and a bunk bed comprising two singles, making them ideal for families. Polished timber floors, wardrobe space and a ceiling fan are available in every Garden Unit. The Garden Units are situated to give you ideal garden views.
There is a Bistro and Pool Side Bar where lunch, cold drinks, tea/coffee and snacks can be purchased. The Resort Souvenir Gift Shop has a limited range of pharmacist lines as well as a range of resort souvenir items, clothing, beach towel, magazines and newspapers. There are no keys but doors can be locked from the inside and a safe facility is available at reception. Reception hours are from 8.00am till 5.00pm. The resort has a limited First-Aid facility and basic First-Aid supplies. There are no EFTPOS facilities on the Island. The resort and rooms have wall mounted or overhead fans, there is no air-conditioning.
Dive Services
The dive shop is a PADI Resort association member and has a comprehensive stock of hire equipment available. Scuba diving is conducted daily and all dives are escorted by Lady Elliot staff. Both shore and boat dives are possible on the island. All diving arrangements can only be booked directly at the island's dive shop. Discover SCUBA Dive (DSD) and open water courses are conducted regularly. All water based activities are subject to weather conditions.
Dive Sites
THE BLOW HOLE - This popular site is on the eastern side of the island. It has two entrances. One is on the top of the reef at 14-16 metres, just a short distance from the mooring. The main entrance however is on the reef wall and is a large opening at 20-25 metres. The main cavern is around 20 metres in length. This is a superb dive site with Lion Fish, Manta Shrimp, Wobbegongs and the unique Gnome Fish seen in the area.

LIGHTHOUSE BOMMIE - This dive site is a set of coral heads approximately 100 metres off shore and is offered as either a Boat or Shore dive. A rope trail has been laid from an easy shore entry to the bommies. It is a favourite haunt all year round for Manta Rays; some four metres from tip to tip. The site also plays host to a variety of marine life such as Moray Eels, Bull Rays, Schooling Barracuda, Coral Trout, Small White Tip Reef Sharks and others too numerous to mention.

THREE PYRAMIDS - The Three Pyramids is a short boat ride from the western side of the island. An easy descent can be made down a permanent mooring and puts the diver almost on top of the first of three large coral heads (bommies). At this site you will find schools of Cardinals, Anemone Fish, Turtles and Eagle Rays. The Three Pyramids is a great starting point for a drift dive to the Anchor Bommies or the Outer Scatters depending on the direction of the current.

ANCHOR BOMMIES - This site is one of Lady Elliot Island's premium dive locations. Two ancient Admiralty anchors lie at the bottom of the site. Marine life that can be seen here include Manta Rays, Purple Leafy Scorpion Fish, Cleaner Shrimp and a large Shoveled Nosed Ray. This bommie is covered with both soft and hard corals.

CORAL GARDENS - This is an extremely good night dive site. All types of marine life can be observed as they slumber, while night dwellers such as the Painted Cray can be found out of their day time hiding place.
Other Activities
There is so much to do and see on Lady Elliot. Limited guest numbers are limited on the island allow first hand experiences of nesting birds - some 50 species including the unique Red Tailed Tropic Birds. Humpback Whales can be seen passing by from June to October. Majestic Manta Rays are particularly active between May and August.

Green and loggerhead turtles come ashore between November and February and lay their eggs and after the incubation period - normally eight weeks - gives you the unique opportunity to see the turtles hatching and scurrying to the ocean. Turtle hatching is from February to April.

Bird nesting season is from October through to April.

Most facets of the Great Barrier Reef and its inhabitants can be found in the Education Centre. Displays, videos, slides and a small library plus guided walks and talks by our knowledgeable staff make your stay interesting and rewarding.

Snorkelling equipment and lessons are available for all ages and a great way to also see the Great Barrier Reef is on the Glass Bottom Boat which runs subject to tides and weather.
Staying Connected
There is wireless internet access for guests only in the reception area. The resort provides access to a public computer on request. However, there is no mobile phone reception, televisions or radios to remind you of the life you've left behind.

We think…
Lady Elliot is ideal for divers who don’t like to be on liveaboards or are travelling with children or non-divers. It is appealing to those who want a simple but environmentally friendly resort but still good quality diving.
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