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Eco Divers Lembeh
Eco Divers, a PADI 5 Star IDC Center, provides you with a highly personalized, organized, relaxing and safe dive experience. Their dive capacity is limited to 16 divers and a maximum of just 4 guests per dive guide, so you get to see and photograph everything that the amazing Lembeh Strait has to offer. The dive guides are amongst Lembeh's most skilled and knowledgeable.
Dive Service
Eco Divers Lembeh offers the serious diver a new way of diving. They are the only purpose-built 'Day Liveaboard' boat operating in Lembeh. It is fitted with every comfort and safety feature you need to enjoy your full day's diving. You get to dive in a very relaxed atmosphere.

You will be based on the 'Day Liveaboard' for the entirety of your dive day. 2 smaller speedboats will bring the small group of divers to various dive spots. The larger day vessel features a shaded salon with comfortable seating where you will return to each day for a hot buffet lunch. Free snacks, fruit, tea and coffee are complimentary throughout the day.
The 'Day Liveaboard' also features toilets and showers, fresh towels, an onboard hostess, free WiFi connection, charging points for camera batteries and laptops. DAN oxygen and first aid kits are also provided. The vessel is equipped with VHF radio, GPS, mobile phone, life jackets, life rings and navigation lights.

Transfers between the resort and the 'Day Liveaboard' take approx. 15 minutes each way and are operated by a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle.
Dive Sites
Just an hour's drive away from Manado, close to the port town of Bitung, is Lembeh Island. Here is the world's arguably best dive area for 'muck diving'. This is a paradise for divers who are looking for the smallest and rarest fish and critters. You very likely are going to see the Ambon scorpion fish, ghost pipefish, seahorses, crabs and angler fish in all colors, just to name a few. These sites, including the two wrecks, are a highlight for underwater photographers and lovers of muck diving. Don't expect beautiful coral reefs in good visibility, you will dive in sandy spots with not so good visibility, as that is where the critters live. There are partial rather cool currents in the Lembeh Straight. The water temperature can get as low as 22C (71F), a warmer 5mm wetsuit is recommended.
There are two diveable wrecks in Lembeh: Mawali & Kapal Ikan. Both wrecks are overgrown with beautiful corals and resting in about 15-30m.

Mawali: The Mawali or Tanduk Rusa is the most commonly dived wreck in the Strait. This Japanese freighter from WWII is lying on its portside and has a length of 90m. The wreck is still complete with propeller, beams, bridge and engines. The cargo holds are safe to visit, but the machine room is unstable and should be avoided. The wreck acts as an artificial reef, so is attractive even for divers who are not particularly interested in wrecks. There are no currents, so it is a fairly easy dive.

Kapal Ikan: This 40m steel fishing vessel is seldom visited by divers. Although not an old wreck, it is already becoming overgrown with sponges and corals. She stands on her keel and is largely intact, providing a home to lots of fish and lobster. Sometimes stronger currents make anchoring difficult.
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