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Blue Starfish Dive Centre
The Blue Starfish Dive Centre at Lalati Resort & Spa is a full service PADI dive and training centre. The dive shop offers all PADI courses from introductory level all the way up to divemaster including the most popular specialties. Nitrox is available.
Dive Service
Dive sites in Beqa Lagoon number over 100, and most are as close to the resort as a quick 5-20 minute boat ride away. The dive centre operates 2 custom built diving catamarans: one larger catamaran with twin outboards for up to 8 divers and one smaller vessel with single engine for 4 or fewer divers. Both boats feature shade covers and are kept at the pier next to the dive shop.

The dive operation has two compressors, a selection of rental gear, rinse tanks and plenty of space for storage and hanging up wetsuits. They offer 12L (80 cu ft) aluminium tanks, and a couple of smaller tanks if required.

A typical schedule consists of 2-tank dives after breakfast and you will be back in the resort for lunch. A third tank dive may be offered in the afternoon, as well as a night dive before or after dinner, though many divers succumb to island life quickly and retreat to their hammocks. Shore diving is also available.
Dive area
Beqa Lagoon is surrounded by over 300 km (190 miles) of spectacular coral reefs. Within the lagoon, the water is clear and warm, visibility is typically over 30 meters (100 ft), currents are mild, and the water temperature stays a fairly constant 26C (80F). Many of the best dive spots are only a short boat ride from the resort, and it is almost impossible to explore every one of the more than 100 different dive sites.

Your divemasters grew up in and around the waters of Beqa Lagoon, and delight in sharing their underwater world with you. Your expert dive guides typical Fijian warmth and delightful humor, combined with Lalati's intimate size, epitomizes the personalized experience you get on each and every dive trip.

A kaleidoscope of soft corals abound. Colors glow in neon yellows, oranges, reds, pinks, whites and purples. Tropical fish explode in every shade of the rainbow. Blue Ribbon Eels, Clown Fish, Frog Fish, Lionfish and Leaf Scorpionfish, the elusive Ghost Pipefish and the shy Seahorse, pelagics and more make their home in the nutrient rich waters of Beqa Lagoon.
Beqa Shark Dives
Twice a week, it is possible to join the world-famous Beqa Shark feed dives directly from Lalati Resort & Spa. One of the resort's dive boats will take you and your dive guides to a special site inside the lagoon where numerous bull sharks, silver tips, grey nurse and the occasional tiger shark meet to be hand-fed by dive masters from Aquatrek or Beqa Adventure Divers. These sharks have been studied for many years; the larger ones are about 3m (9 ft) long, and it is an awesome experience to see them circling only metres away. These dives need to be booked in addition to the regular accommodation/dive packages.

The bull sharks can be experienced on almost every dive between the months of January to August. During their mating season, from October to December, the bull shark numbers decrease drastically and they are rarely seen during this period.
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