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Gangga Divers
Gangga Divers is a PADI diving centre built in front of the resort's restaurant with its own harbour and provides optimal conditions for diving. The house reef is just one big step away. All boat dives start from here. The staff provides a personalized service, guiding you through the underwater world of Raja Ampat, with over 1400 fish species and 540 coral species, considered as the heart of the world's coral reef biodiversity, making Raja Ampat the richest coral reef ecosystem in the world. Diving is great year round. Manta season is between November and April. Visibility is better when it's not manta season.
Dive Service
The resort packages offer unlimited dives. There are 4 opportunities to dive per day, two in the morning starting 7.45am/8.00am, one in the afternoon at 2.30pm, and one in the evening/or night (dusk dive or night dive). There is a ratio of max. 4 divers per guide. There are 10 speedboats designed and built for safe and comfortable diving.

8, 12 and 15 litre aluminium tanks with INT and DIN valves are available. Free Nitrox (32%) is available for Nitrox certified divers. Guests can rent new and well-maintained dive equipment from Aqualung. Selected dive and specialty courses are available.

The dive centre has two toilets, a locked storage room for dive equipment, a library with a choice of marine identification books, an air-conditioned camera room with workstations, washing sink and drying facilities.
Dive Boats
Papua Paradise Divers has 10 dive boats. One of the following boats will be used during your stay.

- 1 Fiberglass boat with sundeck & toilet for 8-12 divers, powered by 3x 4 stroke 200 HP engines
- 1 Fiberglass boat for 6-8 divers, powered by 2x 4 stroke 200 HP engines
- 2 Fiberglass boats for 6-8 divers, powered by 2x 4 stroke 150 HP engines
- 4 Fiberglass boats for 1-5 divers, each powered by 2x 4 stroke 50 HP engines
- 2 Fiberglass boats for 1-5 divers, each powered by 2x 2 stroke 40 HP engines

All boats are equipped with safety equipment such as VHF marine radios, GPS, life jackets, first aid kit, DAN First-Aid Oxygen kits as well as drinking water and sun cover. Towels & padded camera crates are provided on all dive trips, and hot drinks and snacks are included in all morning dive trips.
Dive Sites
Located in the heart of Raja Ampat on one side of the Dampier Strait where all the magic happens, Papua Paradise provides some of the best diving excursions in the area in order to satisfy even the most demanding divers. With more than 50 dive sites in a 12km (7.5mi) radius and another additional 50 dive sites nearby, you can be assured that your experience here will never be forgotten. Imagine a place where on most dives you are the only group entering the water. All dive sites have a water temperature between 27C-29C all year round.

Some of the dives visited are Mike’s Point, a more than 40 meter deep wall, where you can find some of the best fish life in Dampier Strait. Sardine Reef, judged as one of the most beautiful reefs worldwide, is home to big schools of fish, jack fish of all sizes, tuna, grey sharks and black and white fin sharks. The Passage is a winding waterway that separates Gam from Waigeo Island and is home to an incredible diversity of macro marine life. Its strong currents rushing through the slim corridor framed by limestone cliffs nourish a plethoria of soft corals and large sea fans that vibrate in colors (a surcharge applies for diving 'The Passage'). The Limit, Kapasbow, Wai Wall, Fish Heaven and P. Dua Express are just some of the other dive sites you can dive whilst staying at this unique spot.
House Reef
For those who prefer staying close to the resort, a 150m (500ft) long stretch of house reef is on offer for either diving or snorkelling. Guests can observe schools of different reef fish, baby black tip reef sharks, turtles, wobbegongs, pygmy seahorses and the very rare mandarin fish. Furthermore, blue spotted rays, colourful parrotfish, common seahorse, shy pipefish, hunting jackfish are everyday visitors of the house reef. The lucky ones can also meet some rarely coming dugongs.
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