Papua Paradise Eco ResortBirie Island

Peter & Karen Chaston (Australia) - May 2017
Met at the dock/dive shop by Peter (the manager), Adrianna (dive manager), Martin (dive manager) and native staff. They sang a welcome – lovely! Accommodation and eating area were great. Humidity and thick mosquito net made sleeping a bit of a wet affair. Humidiy/temp seemed to drop to pleasant levels at around 4am. Nightly loud chorus of frogs from thick bush/swamp area behind resort was great. Unlike some Ozy resorts they had the foresight to position the generator out of earshot of the resort accommodation.

• How flat the ocean was. 29/30degC water temp - so good!
• How friendly Peter the manager was.
• The sealife right at the resort – little black tip sharks, walking sharks (epalet), bright orange star fish, schools of tiny fish, lion fish, blue spotted stingray, etc.
• Accommodation of Karen’s dietary requirements.
• Friendly native staff. These guys were great at pointing out all the creatures and very knowledgeable.
• If we required a boat to ourselves this was no problem...fantastic!
• Overall a very professional outfit.

Best diving was around Pham. Particularly Blue Magic and “Rock Rock” island with wall and swim through. Diving is fantastic here. So much to see.

Uri was the Cruise Director (Spanish/Italian), Casio (Brazilain) was his deputy, all other crew were native with only a little english. Casio was great, very good with people. Uri was entertaining.

• The operation ran like clockwork.
• Karen’s dietary requirements were catered for excellently.
• Dive deck set up was excellent, no bottle change over. All gas used by us was 32% Nitrox.

The trip was fabulous! Thanks so much for organising it.
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