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Socorro is an island in the Revillagigedo Archipelago. The crossing takes about 24 hours each way from Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. On the way out, the ride is generally comfortable and on the way back, it can be rough as you are going against the prevailing wave direction.

No lamps, gloves or diving knives are allowed for divers in the Revillagigedo Archipelago. The water temperatures are around 28°C in November and towards January they drop to about 23°C and further in February to 20°C before they rise again in March.
Marine Life at Socorro
Diving at Socorro is all about big animals and is especially famous for unique up close and intimate interaction with giant mantas and dolphins not to mention 10 different species of sharks. Water temperatures in November and December are the warmest of the year in the low 80’s. Special feature this time of year is seeing whale sharks in the blue water and often brilliant visibility.

January to April
Up close interaction with giant mantas and dolphins happens consistently year-round at Socorro. The unique interaction with giant mantas is what Socorro is famous for! The sharking is not bad either with 10 different species of sharks resident in the Islas. The water temperatures start chilling down to 73 – 74 degrees in January, which is when 1200 humpback whales from Alaska migrate down to Socorro for mating. You will see loads of whales on the surface and you will hear them singing underwater. You may even hear them singing through the hull of the ship at night.

May to July
Bait Ball Season! Scientific research indicates that there are more giant mantas at Socorro during bait ball season than any other time of year. It always seems like everything intensifies with more sharks including schooling Silky sharks mixing it up with schooling Hammerheads, lots of tuna and pelagic fish and even pilot whales. Our very friendly dolphins and 10 species of sharks are resident. Whale sharks are back. Water temps are on the definite rise to mid – high 70’s.
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