Papua Explorers Dive ResortGam Island

Nic Carter (Australia) - April 2017
I loved how Papua Explorers are doing a lot of their own work on sustainability and reef restoration. Given that, the dive guides were also pretty good, all gear was very much up to scratch. I was very happy with the diving and how helpful they were in the boat. The accomodation was great – bungalows over the water! I was hoping for something like that, and it was very much far from 5-star but it was perfect and VERY comfortable. Being on the water, it was cool at night, so it didn’t matter that it was hot during the day, you could still sleep well. Saw a LOT of good stuff under the water. The food was also great, buffet and heaps of it! Tea on the beach between the morning dives. They were always happy to accomodate a night/dusk dive as your 4th of the day, even if you were the only one in the water. They were VERY accommodating and welcoming.

I can very much imagine making my way back there, as it was such a good dive area and so very relaxing. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone unless you have little kids. You’d want kids who would also be diving with you. There were a few other things to do, but not much.
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