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Biodiversity Resort Dive Centre
Raja Ampat Biodiversity Resort is located in Dampier Strait, with most of the famous dive sites 5-15 minutes away from the resort. The diving centre is in the main building close to reception. The resort's house reef offers some fantastic diving as well.
Dive Service
The resort offers individual dive experiences in small groups. Ratio 1 guide to 4 divers (max. 6 divers). The dive guides organize the dive planning with all divers to ensure that your Raja Ampat experience is a success. They allow a max. of 75 minutes bottom time if your air permits (min. 40bar).

All dry equipment is stored inside the dive centre. Once the equipment is being used it is kept in the wet storage room, just in front to the rinsing area.

All rental equipment is well maintained, serviced regularly and all equipment is properly rinsed after every dive. Staff will look after all of your dive gear if you prefer. The dive package includes complimentary tanks, weights and weight belts. There are 14x full sets of rental equipment available for guests. The sizes are XS, S, M, L and XL. Equipment for rent are BCD, regulator, wetsuit, fins, booties, mask, snorkel, dive computer and torch. You can also have a GoPro Hero4 and underwater camera (point and shoot) for hire.

Nitrox facilities are not available. The 12L aluminium tanks have yoke (INT) fittings. If you use DIN, a few adapters are available. However, it is recommended that you bring your own to ensure that there is one available for you. There are two Bauer compressors.
Dive Boats
The resort has three boats to accommodate all the guest needs. All diving boats are equipped with First Aid kit, First Aid Oxygen, and satellite phone. Diving boats have drinking water, hot coffee/tea and snacks for the morning surface interval.

Big Boat: Fortaleza for max. 16 divers. It is equipped with 2x Yamaha outboard engines 85HP, tank holders, lights and seating. This boat can be used for long trips or pick ups in Sorong.

Medium Boat: Ventura for max. 9-11 divers. This boat is also used for pick ups in Waisai.

Small Boat: Armonia for max. 8 divers. This boat is used for dive sites near to the resort.
Day trips
3 boat dives can be done per dive day. 2 morning dives with the first dive at 8am plus an afternoon dive and unlimited unguided house reef dives. A night dive is also possible. The resort offers 3 types of dive packages: 2 dives, 3 dives or 4 dives per day.

2 dives per day package: 2 morning dives starting at 8am.
3 dives per day package: 2 morning dives, 1 afternoon dive plus unlimited unguided house reef dives.
4 dives per day package: 2 morning dives, 1 afternoon dive, 1 night dive plus unlimited unguided house reef dives.
Dive Sites
Raja Ampat waters are highly rich in nutrients and Dampier Strait is especially nutrient-rich due to its fast moving currents. These currents attract a wide variety of species the region has become famous for. Some of the dive visited in close proximity to the resort are Batu Lima, Francisco's Peak, Friwin Island, Mioskun, Mike's Point, Sardine Reef, Cape Kri, Blue Magic and Chicken Reef. Mike's Point is a deep wall with strong currents and some of the best fish life in Dampier Strait. Sardine Reef is an oval shaped reef patch right in the middle of the open ocean and home to big schools of fish. Cape Kri, perhaps the most famous of dive sites in Raja Ampat, is a deep slope which absolutely offers everything - from vast gardens of colourful hard and soft corals to the very scintillating prospect of a manta ray flying by. The dive packages include dive sites within a 12km radius from Biodiversity Resort. Further away dive sites are available upon request. Extra fuel charges will apply for dive trips to Fam Island, Manta Sandy and The Passage.
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