OndinaAlor, Flores, Raja Ampat, Triton Bay

SMY Ondina does not provide any day by day itineraries because the final itinerary for each trip depends on many factors so that they are able to provide the best possible cruise to their guests: Weather and sea conditions, divers skills, etc. These crucial factors are not fully known until the very last moment. What Ondina guarantees is that all guests are going to dive the best dive sites of the area at the time given the fact that weather and sea conditions and divers skills are suitable to dive. This will also depend on the captain and the cruise director taking care of the safety of the boat and the guests every single moment.

Embarking and disembarking times to be applied to all Ondina cruises:

Ondina departs on the first date of the schedule after all the guests have been picked up and transferred to the boat from the airport or hotel. Depending on the flight schedule and origin, the arrival time to the embarkation port may vary and therefore there is no set time for departure on the first day. All guests must take flights arriving before midday (12noon) to the embarkation port.

On the last scheduled date guests must leave the boat in the morning, latest by 12noon. Guests spend the night before disembarking in port on board Ondina. On disembarkation day, guests will be transferred to the airport in time for their flight departures.
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