La GaligoSorong, Labuan Bajo, Ambon, Maumere

Sample itinerary "Ultimate Raja" excursion:
This is truly the only way to fully take in Raja Ampat, from north to south, our ‘Ultimate Raja Experience’ package allows you to do this. We have met many divers around the world who have ventured Raja Ampat, and when we ask them, ‘did you go to Misool in the south, isn’t it unbelievable? ’, or ‘did you see the amazing underwater cathedrals in Wayag?’, we get mixed answers. Here at La Galigo, we don’t want you to leave without experiencing everything there is to see in this dive Mecca, this is why we give you the option of the Ultimate Raja Experience.

Embarking from Sorong / Waisai, we cruise to BATANTA, where we will take in the fabulous muck diving that the area has to offer, at sites such as ‘Diversity’ and ‘Reflections’. From there, we sail south to MISOOL, where the breathtaking underwater experience will leave you wanting more. Here we will be visiting must see sites like ‘Candy Store’, and the world famous ‘Boo Islands’. After several days exploring the south, we set our compass heading to north again, overnighting to the Fam Islands. Here we have the opportunity to dive such legendary sites as ‘Melissa’s garden’ and ‘Harto’, amongst others. Onwards, north again, heading to Kawe Island, where we encounter some of the big stuff at sites like ‘Eagle Rock’, and the site we like to call ‘Changgo’ (Do it again)! Our last foray north takes us to Wayag, famous for both it’s awe-inspiring limestone cliffs above sea level, and its underwater topography, that drops down to create mind blowing dive sites such as ‘Cathedral’.
Time now for a U-turn, as we head to the Island of GAM. At Gam we are lucky enough to have a dive site named ‘The Passage’, if you don’t know about the passage, please check our dive site description, just make sure your camera batteries are charged for this one. On the last leg of our tour, we head south east, to the world renowned ‘Dampier straight’. The stretch lying between Batanta and Gam is the perfect end to any dive holiday. Here we’ll visit two standalone dive sites, each of their names starting with the word ‘Manta’. This should give you a large clue as to what you just got yourself in to. To top it all off, we spend another day diving the fabled ‘Cape Kri and ‘Sardine’ dive sites.
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