One of the world's largest liveaboard dive cruisers
The SS Thorfinn is a huge dive boat based in Truk Lagoon in a sheltered anchorage and serves as a floating hotel. Its fast tenders reach any of the popular wrecks in no time. A standard dive package runs Saturday to Saturday throughout the year, with daily extensions to a week-long stay arranged as adjacent tour space may permit.
Ten airconditioned staterooms accommodate 20 guests in double occupancy. All have in room vanities, TV’s and DVD players, indirect lighting and full length closets. Seven rooms located on ‘D’ and ‘E’ decks have double or queen size beds plus adjacent single berths. Private showers and toilets are fitted in each of these rooms. Three additional rooms on ‘C’ deck are bright and spacious with two shared shower rooms and two shared toilets.

Thor’s Lair, an exclusive luxury suite on 'D' deck, has been created from two former main deck cabins, featuring a huge king size bed, adjoining bed settee, 44 inch TV monitor/player, PC table/chair, carpeted walls, 4 view windows, walk-in closet, bar fridge, bedside lighting controls, and large shower/toilet room. It is available for a slight premium over regular fares.
With 58m (190ft) length and 110 tons, Thorfinn is a very stable vessel. Captain Lance, and a dedicated staff of 20 are keen to welcome you aboard this capable vessel and serve up the diving and vacation delights available here.

The guest lounge is equipped with a multi system Plasma TV with DVD player, a CD player with iPod connection, and a surround sound 4 way speaker system. A well stocked DVD and paperback book library, magazine rack, reference books (fish, wrecks) are all available for guest use. Indirect lighting, large view windows and comfortable seating make this a popular guest area.

The bar provides a range of beverages from coffee, tea, hot chocolate and soft drinks, to beers, wines and spirits at reasonable cost. Adjacent to the galley are two separate dining lounges. Special dietary requests are catered as available food supplies permit.

The carpeted sun deck has a partial canopy and comfortable lounge chairs. The ocean spa on C deck is a central meeting point between dives.

Two large 3 tiered camera service and storage tables with a compressed air gun for cleaning and maintenance of camera equipment, are conveniently located adjacent to the main guest lounge. Each table has dual voltage 110V and 220V charging points.
Truk Lagoon provides countless options for fantastic reef and wreck diving. You can't possibly see it all in a week. Diving in Truk Lagoon is an adventure you will never forget. The majority of wrecks is within easy reach for divers in 15-40 meters (50-120 feet).

The over 60 wrecks of the "Ghost Fleet" of Truk are today protected and considered as wreck diving Mecca. Because of its large sheltered lagoon, Truk provided the largest naval base for the Japanese during the second world war in the Pacific. After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, Truk became a target for revenge. Through powerful air strikes ("Operation Hailstorm") in mid February 1944 the predominantly merchant ships were sunk and over the years, become incredibly rich artificial reefs.

High attractions of numerous wrecked ships, planes, and a submarine, can be supplemented with occasional runs to pristine outer barrier reefs with bright corals, sharks, eagle rays, huge schools of barracudas, big eyed jacks, batfish and a profusion of reef fish! Shark feeding dives are optionally provided at several locations. Neighboring island visits and tours can also be arranged.
Dive Service
Thorfinn does not attach to the sunken fleet, to avoid destruction of corals and fragile structures of battle damaged monuments. It moors to sand bottom beside the sites and employs sturdy and safe tender boats for diving purposes.

Diving is conducted from two powerful, well designed, covered 9m (30ft) custom built tenders equipped with radios, sonars, under seat gear bins, fresh water showers, and seat edge lighting. Each craft dives separate sites to avoid crowding over a single mooring. Diving is done in small groups. Experienced local guides will show the very best attractions at each site. Visiting up to 5 different daily dive sites provides opportunity to view an unmatched 30 or more wrecks in one week.

* Dive in compliance with Truk State Laws with accompanying licensed & experienced local guides taking you through each wreck site carefully and safely
* Valet system in boats for personal gear and cameras to each diver
* Unrestricted depth air dives on computer non-deco basis, with 3 plateau 15 minute ascent guidelines
* In/water gear removal & stowage by staff, assures easy boarding ladder access
* Hang tanks at 5m (15ft) each dive, and extra air tank for contingencies on deeper dives
* Nitrox blends for certified Nitrox divers
* Wreck penetrations on buddy principle with cautionary instructions
* Fresh towels are immediately handed to guests on re-boarding dive launch
* Two large 3 tiered camera service tables with air gun at each table
* Dual voltage 110V and 220V charging points in each room
* DIN and Yoke valves
Technical Diving
Technical divers can choose from various sets of banded, twin manifolded cylinders in 3 sizes from 7, 11, and 15 ltrs. Pony bottles, and broadly assorted sizes of re-breather bottles are freely supplied on certain plans. Twin onboard oxygen generators produce gas at 40 cu ft/hr and 93% + or -3% purity, supported by 3 levels of electric and air driven boosters for final custom gas blends. Sofnolime is stocked and distributed freely to rebreather users, along with optional helium to meet most requests from today’s discerning technical divers.

Custom dispatched dive launches and crew create ease of alternate schedules for extended deep diving. Special gas blends for Nitrox, Trimix or rebreathers are performed at an onboard blending station. Extra charges apply.
Staying Connected
Fast, clear, WiFi internet within bandwidth limits is served via Inmarsat’s Fleet Broadband 500 system keeping the entire ship in close contact with worlds away.

We think ...
All divers, but especially technical divers are very well catered for on Thorfinn. The very experienced crew will go out of their way to take you to new dive sites every time, and not to repeat any. Thorfinn is a comfortable floating home.
Pricing & Live Availability
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