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The Philippines with over 7,100 islands is the largest island country in the world. Many of the islands with their countless palm-fringed beaches remind travellers just of paradise.
The Philippines are strongly influenced by the Spanish colonial period, the country still prevails today, the Catholic faith, especially Christmas and Easter are national holidays. After the Spaniards, the country was heavily influenced by the USA, McDonald's and Pizza Hut can be found in every major city. Even the greatest own heritage, the "Jeepney," a colorful and richly decorated jeep, mainly used for public transport, is built on the body of American jeeps.

The Filipinos are very sociable and friendly and almost all speak English very well.

They like to drink their San Miguel beer, available at every corner store (Sari Sari store) and love to bet for almost everything. Cockfights are the highlights for betting and even the smallest village has an arena for cockfights, which is national sport.
The landscape of the Philippines is ranging from volcanic landscapes to tropical rainforests. A lush flora and fauna and beautiful coral reefs await the guest. In the Philippines, you can enjoy the beach life, pamper yourself in one of the most beautiful resorts or find the solitude of a secluded bay. Tourism is very well developed and there is something for everybody.
Attractions above water
The Philippines offer plenty of land attractions. We can name only a few here. Particularly interesting is the highlands in the north of the main island of Luzon, with the gigantic, world famous Banaue rice terraces, built about 2000 years ago.
On the island of Bohol are the Chocolate Hills, these huge round hills can be easily reached in a day trip from Alona Beach.
The island of Calauit in northern Palawan is worth a trip. Here, the former President Marcos has settled in a unique experiment of African big game. Here you can see giraffes, zebras and antelopes.
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