There is plenty of diving variety in the regions of Mindoro and Luzon. From fairly easy diving for beginners to advanced drift diving in strong currents for experienced divers. The local dive shops have done a great job to protect most of the popular reefs. Divers can enjoy the positive results and see coral and fish life improving more each year.
The reefs around Puerto Galera on Mindoro are worth a visit. Dynamite fishing has long been a thing of the past. Puerto Galera has many dive shops and resorts.

At the southwest tip of Luzon, close to Batangas, is a tiny place called Anilao which is the place to go for 'critter' diving in the Philippines. Some divers rank the variety of unique species higher than Lembeh.
The Donsol area, in the southeast part of Luzon, is famous for snorkelling with whale sharks. This area is only one of a handful of places in the world that can offer an almost assured whale shark sighting during the season. In the months of November through June (peak season is February to June), whale sharks converge in Donsol Bay and stay for up to 7 months feeding on rich nutrients coming out of the mouth of Donsol river. The whale sharks are limited to a very small area of feeding and grazing which is extremely close to Donsol shore.

Ticao Island is located about 2 hours boat ride from Donsol. Many divers combine a few days of whale shark interaction from Donsol with an extended stay at Ticao Island for their diving activities. There are two main areas to dive on Ticao Island: Manta Bowl Shoal and San Miguel Island.
Diving is possible all year round. The best period is from January to June. The average water temperature is between 25°C and 30°C. A 3 or 5 mm wetsuit is sufficient. A brand new decompression chamber is located in Batangas.
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