Papua New GuineaHow to get there

How to get there
(Last updated April 2015)

Located just south of the equator and north of Australia, Papua New Guinea is only a short flight from Australia. Local Time is GMT +10. Depending on your origin of travel there are several international gateways to PNG:

From Australia/New Zealand
Port Moresby, the capital of PNG, can be reached by plane in 1.5 hours from Cairns, 3 hours from Brisbane or 4 hours from Sydney.
Air Niugini, codesharing with Qantas Airways, offers daily flights from Cairns and Brisbane and two weekly flights are scheduled from Sydney. Qantaslink operates daily flights from Cairns to Port Moresby in addition to the Air Niugini flights. Virgin Australia operates five weekly flights between Brisbane and Port Moresby. Airlines PNG offers two weekly flights between Cairns and Port Moresby.

From North America
For divers travelling to PNG from North America, the best gateway is Brisbane, Australia.

From Asia/South Pacific
Air Niugini's most frequented Asian international gateways to PNG are Manila and Singapore with 3 flights each per week to Port Moresby. Hong Kong and Tokyo as well as Denpasar and Cebu offer one weekly flight to Port Moresby.
Port Moresby can also be reached with Air Niugini from Honiara (3x flights per week) and Nadi (2x flights per week).

From Europe
For divers travelling to PNG from Europe and the UK, the best gateways are Singapore or Manila.

Domestic Air Travel
Air Niugini and Airlines PNG are covering a wide network of domestic flights and offer regular schedules from Port Moresby to all major diving destinations within PNG.
We offer competitive wholesale airfares with Air Niugini from Australia. Those airfares can be reserved for you and ticketed at a later point in time. Seat allocations, necessary schedule or itinerary changes are all part of our service.

Air taxes are subject to strong fluctuations and can change daily or until your flight ticket has been purchased. Taxes generally include local airport/security fees, departure taxes, ground handling fees and fuel surcharges.

In general, airfares available for purchase online depend on day of departure and time of travel. Those instant purchase airfares require full payment at time of booking. If you choose to arrange your own flights online, we won't be able to provide any services for seat reservations, schedule or itinerary changes.
Please note that baggage rules and regulations are subject to change at any time.

Air Niugini: On international flights from Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns to Port Moresby and domestic outer island connections 30kg (66lbs) free checked baggage allowance + 10kg (22lbs) dive equipment allowance if booked as one ticket. For all other international routes with Air Niugini to Port Moresby (except from/to Tokyo) and with same day domestic outer island connections the same free checked baggage and sporting allowance applies.

Virgin Australia: Your free checked baggage allowance is 23kg (50lbs) with your ticket purchase for international flights from Brisbane to Port Moresby. Excess baggage charges will apply once the free baggage allowance has been exceeded.

Airlines PNG: On international flights from Cairns to Port Moresby 23kg (50lbs) free baggage allowance + 15kg (33lbs) dive equipment allowance. Domestic baggage allowance for Airlines PNG is 16kg (35lbs).

Qantas/Qantaslink: Your free checked baggage allowance is 23kg (50lbs). Excess baggage charges apply if limit is exceeded.

If domestic flight tickets with Air Niugini are purchased separately from the international flight ticket, the domestic baggage allowance is restricted to 16kg (35lbs) per person.

If you need to connect within Australia to join your Air Niugini or Virgin Australia flight, a strict baggage limit of 20-23kg (44-50lbs) applies with all domestic Australian carriers.

Fragile items such as camera, regulator, dive computer etc., should be packed in a small bag and taken as carry-on luggage. Batteries from dive torches, strobes, cameras and other devices should be removed prior to check-in. Be sure your baggage is properly tagged.
Port Moresby International Airport
All checked baggage needs to be collected in Port Moresby on arrival. You will need to clear immigration and pay 100 Kina (cash, local currency only) for the visitor's visa, if you haven't pre-arranged your visa already. If you don't have Kina, the exchange bureau is right next to where you pay for your entry visa. Next, move to the immigration counter opposite the visa pay station, where you will have your passport stamped.

Once you have collected your luggage, you will proceed through the customs check desks. As soon as you are through customs (DO NOT exit the arrivals hall), you should head up to the left hand side of the desks to re-check your luggage to a same day Air Niugini connection. Air Niugini will check you in here for your domestic flight, saving you having to carry your luggage over to the domestic terminal. You will also get your boarding pass here. Once you get to the domestic terminal, you can walk straight through to the waiting lounge. The Domestic departure lounge is very basic, and the PA system not very good, so you should always keep an eye on the departure gates and check with staff if you are unsure if your flight is boarding.
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