Diving Fiji
Labeled as the "Soft Coral Capital of the World" by Jean-Michel Cousteau, Fiji offers some of the World's best scuba diving with a comprehensive range of excellent dive locations. Spectacular hard and soft corals, caves and grottoes, amazingly diverse marine life that includes large pelagic species such as sharks and tuna, turtles and fish of all hues and sizes, and internationally certified dive operators all ensure your dive experience will be a memorable one. For the underwater explorer and photographer, the crystal waters of Fiji's virgin reefs and magnificent lagoons often have unmatched visibility.
Diving Highlights Fiji

To experience the very best diving that Fiji has to offer, we recommend that you take one of the excellent liveaboard cruises or visit any of the regions we describe here, where you can also enjoy the delights of the traditional and "real" Fiji.
Liveaboard diving - land based diving
If you like the idea of cruising through some of the most remote and pristine areas of Fiji and diving some of the world's top dive sites whilst enjoying the creature comforts that you would expect from a luxury liveaboard then Fiji is blessed with some excellent options. All liveaboards we offer in Fiji are world class dive vessels. Although you get fantastic diving in Fiji being based in a dive resort, there are some dive areas which are only accessible by liveaboard and should not be missed! Ideally you combine a liveaboard trip followed by a stay in one of the beautiful Fijian resorts or visa versa.
Staying in a Fijian dive resort is an unforgettable experience. Fiji is a very exotic place and being land based a really special experience, while you get fantastic and professionally organised day trips in all resorts. Almost everywhere in Fiji they do kava ceremonies with visitors, story-telling and historical dance ceremonies performed by locals. The friendliness of the local people and lush surrounding nature are not to be missed!
Beqa Island (Beqa Lagoon)
Famous for its firewalkers and turquoise lagoon, rugged Beqa Island (pronounced Benga) lies off the south coast of Viti Levu, about 7.5km (5 miles) from Pacific Harbour - a 60 minute drive from Suva.
Beautiful Beqa Lagoon is a great spot for snorkelling and diving. Beqa's fringing coral reef is famous worldwide for its superb dive sites. Along with dolphins and turtles, there are many colourful coral species and a wide variety of fish to be seen. Well known dive sites include Side Streets (soft corals and gorgonian fans), Caesar's Rocks (coral heads and swim-through's) and Frigate Pass, a 48km (30 mile) wall with pelagic fish, including white-tip reef sharks.

For those who love the really big creatures there's also the chance to participate in an awesome shark dive outside of the lagoon - this area is home to the bull shark and most months of the year you can encounter more than 10 of these creatures plus many more shark species on one dive!

Beqa's Islands nine villages are located along the coastline, and transport is largely by boat. There are no roads, although a narrow footpath winds around parts of the island. Beqa is an ancient volcano spanning 36 square kilometers. Its steep interior is covered with lush rainforest; the island's high ridges (250m) drop dramatically down to the coast. Only a small proportion (12%) of Beqa is suitable for cultivation, most of it at the top of the island's numerous bays. To appreciate Beqa it's best to stay on the island itself.
Fiji's fourth largest island situated 100 km (62 miles) south of the main island Viti Levu is one of the few remaining undeveloped islands in Fiji today. The striking Astrolabe Reef and the Kadavu group of islands have both been created by past volcanic activity and tectonic movements. The remoteness and unspoilt nature of this region has ensured that Kadavu is home to an abundance of marine life unequalled in Fiji. Divers and snorkellers can expect a diversity of fish life and corals of every conceivable colour and formation.

The Great Astrolabe Reef is the world's fourth largest barrier reef and is Fiji's largest living organism. It extends along the entire southern side of Kadavu and stretches for over 120km (74 miles). It is rated as one of the world's premier diving locations offering a great diversity and spectacle in coral structures and marine life.

Kadavu is very definitely a "low key" destination and it's emphasis lies very much in "eco-tourism". Consequently, the dive resorts such as Matava are of a small, family run nature, are intigrated with the local villages and consider themselves as part and parcel of the local community. With it's countless waterfalls, walking tracks and abundant wildlife, Kadavu is an a destination that will appeal to all sorts of adventure lovers and those seeking peace and tranquility!
Taveuni is the third-largest of the Fiji's 300 Fiji islands after Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Its fertile soils gave rise to the name the "Garden Island".
Taveuni actually straddles the 180 degree meridian and is separated from Vanua Levu by the Somosomo Strait, rich in world class dive sites. Here you can dive the amazing Rainbow Reef, The Great White Wall, The Purple Wall, The Ledge, The Zoo, The Fish Factory and countless others. All these spots are a pleasant 10-30 minute boat ride from your resort.

Over the years, the nutrient rich waters powered by the strong currents of the Somosomo Strait have combined and made Taveuni one of the soft coral capitals of the world - the amazing vibrance of colour underwater just has to be seen to be believed along with the abundance of all form of marine life. At times, diving these reefs is a bit like being in an aquarium - it just seems too good to be real!

Above the waterline, much of Taveuni is thickly carpeted with rainforest and the lush landscape is blessed with many waterfalls and an abundance of wildlife. Pleasingly, the traditional village Fijian lifestyle is also very much intact on Taveuni and there are plenty of cultural and adventure activities to enjoy in this tropical playground. On Taveuni there are a range of resorts that suit most budgets - they are all low-key and offer both divers and no-divers the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful location.
Rakiraki, Viti Levu
Located on the Northern tip of Viti Levu, Fiji's largest island, the Rakiraki region offers divers access to the world-famous Bligh Waters, home to some of Fiji's best marine life. Here divers can find an abundance of diverse underwater species from the very best and most colourful soft coral to spectacular wall & current dives. Whilst this is a very remote, pristine and traditional area it's very accessible being only about 3 hours drive from Nadi Airport. There are two resorts loacted in the north who have access to some of the fantastic dive sites in the Blight Waters, however the very best dives sites there are only accessible by liveaboard.
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