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The Island of the Gods
Bali, the "Island of the Gods" is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The gorgeous landscapes, awe-inspiring cultural sights, fabulous cuisine and peaceful, friendly hospitality of the Balinese people are well known. Just visit areas a little off the beaten track and have your Bali, enjoy the unique culture and landscape. The hotels have high international standard and offer excellent value for money. Bali, in particular, is an easy and enjoyable place to visit, offering comfortable amenities as well as stunning sights, and very friendly people.

The Balinese people practice a unique version of Hinduism which emerged from a blend of Indian Hinduism, Buddhism and indigenous animist beliefs. More than 92 per cent of Balinese follow this faith, which makes their collective character, behavior and way of life vastly different from the rest of mostly Muslim Indonesia. Their beliefs are an integral part of everyday life. Hardly a day goes by without a procession or temple festival. Despite mass tourism, the Balinese have not changed. They still respect their old traditions and their faith.
Originally a small fishing village, Kuta, the closest town to Denpasar international airport, has become the main tourist hub of Bali. Those looking for bargain shopping opportunities, big city ambience and pulsating nightlife will find it here. Others searching for more serene pleasures of relaxation and indigenous culture should look towards nearby Sanur beach or the more remote villages and communities in the central highlands or the northern regions.
Land Activities
To explore this beautiful island more in-depth please contact us for tailor-made itineraries which may also include a sidetrip to Ubud, the cultural heart of Bali in the central highlands, very inexpensive private car transfers in-between all dive resorts and shorts tours to temples, markets and mountain hiking trails with private English-speaking local guides.
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