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How to get there
(Last updated September 2015)

Micronesia is a vast tropical island archipelago in the northwest Pacific region just north of the equator, sharing similar latitudes with Australia and New Zealand. Micronesia is divided into the following independent island nations:
- Guam (US territory)
- Republic of Palau
- Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) includes Yap, Chuuk (Truk), Kosrae & Pohnpei
- Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI)

Micronesia can be reached from west coast USA, Asia and Australia. The gateways are:

From the United States
United Airlines operate nonstop flights from Honolulu to Guam. From Guam, UA flights connect directly to Palau, Yap, Chuuk (Truk Lagoon) and Saipan. Divers heading for Truk Lagoon may also book the early morning (milk run) flight from Honolulu via Majuro/Marshall Islands, Kosrae, Pohnpei to Truk Lagoon which ends in Guam.

From Australia
There are no direct flights from Australia to Palau. Since UNITED pulled out their flights from Cairns in September 2015 the best connections are either via MANILA, Narita or Taipeh. Flights are not daily and the best connection depends on your starting point and the required travel dates. We are happy to suggest the best suited flights on a case by case basis.

From Manila
This is the least expensive gateway into Micronesia with daily United Airlines flights to Guam and twice weekly nonstop flights to Palau.
Philippine Airlines also offers nonstop flights to Guam only. Divers interested in a multi-island trip will find a roundtrip airfare with United Airlines via Manila less expensive than adding domestic United flights within Micronesia to their Philippine Airlines ticket cost.
Divers from Europe find particularly convenient connections to Manila with KLM, Air France, Virgin Atlantic, Emirates and Qatar Airways.

From Taipei/Taiwan
China Airlines offers nonstop flights to Palau which are particularly interesting for European divers with very attractively priced add-on connections to European cities. China Airlines operates also 3 flights from Sydney to Taipeh with onward connections to Palau, which make this route a great choice from Australia.

From Tokyo
Many US, European and Australian airlines offer convenient flights to Tokyo Narita, and United flies nonstop from Narita to Guam; this flight is usually more expensive than comparable United flights from Manila. Other airlines offering nonstop flights from Narita or Osaka to Guam are Delta Airlines and Japan Airlines.
As part of your travel plan we will happily assist you in finding the most suitable flight connections to your dive destination. In many cases we can issue the tickets on your behalf.

Air taxes are subject to strong fluctuations and can change daily or until your flight ticket has been purchased. Taxes generally include local airport/security fees, departure taxes, ground handling fees and fuel surcharges.

Should the most convenient route involve instant purchase airfares we can still issue them with your authorisation. All airfares issued by us will attract a small service fee and might be slightly more expensive then the cheapest offers online.

In general, airfares available for purchase online depend on day of departure and time of travel. Those instant purchase airfares require full payment at time of booking. If you choose to arrange your own flights online, we won't be able to provide any services for seat reservations, schedule or itinerary changes.
Please note that baggage rules and regulations are subject to change at any time.

United Airlines, like many other US airlines, recently changed their baggage regulations. Now, only 1 bag may be checked in free of charge (max. weight 23kg/50lbs). A flat rate of USD 40 or USD 70 will be charged for a second checked item (max. weight 23kg/50lbs). Fee depends on customer's point of origin within South Pacific/Asia. Maximum cabin baggage allowance is 1 piece not exceeding 18kg/39lbs.

Most European and Asian airlines generally only allow 20kg (44lbs) of free checked baggage per passenger on their international routes, but please inquire about exceptions for sporting goods and dive bags.

Fragile items such as camera, regulator, dive computer etc., should be packed in a small bag and taken as carry-on luggage. Batteries from dive torches, strobes, cameras and other devices should be removed prior to check-in. Be sure your baggage is properly tagged.
International airport information
Guam is the international gateway to all other Micronesian island, and connecting flights are only offered by United Airlines. Passengers booked on United flights from Honololu via Guam to Palau will notice that their scheduled stopover in-between flights in Guam is much less than 2 hours. Nevertheless, this is a secure connection guaranteed by United.
Passengers on any other international flights should observe the regular minimum connection times at international airports of at least 2 hours.

Please note that Ninoy Aquino airport has separate international terminals which are linked by surface streets only. Traffic in Manila is always busy, and connecting flights arriving and departing from different terminals require a minimum stop-over time of 4 hours. Please contact your ticketing agent to make sure you have sufficient time on the ground.
Passengers arriving from other southeast Asian gateways into Clark Manila airport, the former Clark airforce base, will have to arrange transfer to Nino Aquino International Airport which is more than 200km south. Airport shuttles exist, and private transfer is comparatively inexpensive for western standards. An overnight stay before is highly recommended in-between flights.
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