Truk (Chuuk)Diving

Diving Truk (Chuuk)
Without doubt, Truk has the best wreck diving in the world. The density of WWII wrecks is unmatched. There is wreck diving also in shallower waters from 15-40 meters (50-130 ft), no need to go deep! But those who love deep wreck diving get their thrills for sure. All is available in Truk! Diving can be done from liveaboards or land based with day boats. A decompression chamber is located on the main island in Weno.

The turning battle of the Pacific War dealt a devastating blow to the Imperial fleet sinking over 45 ships, including armed cargo ships, huge tankers, small destroyers and a submarine. Several planes were also sent to their final resting place on the tranquil ocean floor of Truk Lagoon. These WWII wrecks were scattered across 77 square miles.
In the 56 years since most of the ships sank, their decks and sides have been transformed into vibrant coral reefs. The lagoon itself is large enough that strong and constant currents carry the nutrients required for healthy fish life from the scattered islands through the large channels and out to sea. Many of the wrecks were sunk in or near these channels resulting in a wide variety of marine life thriving around the wrecks, so consequently, there are over 300 varieties of hard and soft corals to be found.

Often overlooked are the outer reefs where a great variety of fish, both pelagic and reef dwelling, venture near cascading coral walls that stretch into the blue abyss of the Pacific Ocean.
Some of the best wreck dive sites
The Fujikawa Maru: Whether your interest is in artifacts or marine life this wreck has it. An abundant growth of soft & hard corals, anemones, & crinoids make the ship & particularly the bow & stern guns very photogenic. All the holds contain cargo but a unique attraction lays in hold #2. There you will find five relatively untouched and intact Zero fighters. The engine room is very interesting but requires special diving skills to visit. Depth 30- 112ft (9-34 m)

Shinkoku Maru: Lots of soft corals adorn this wreck. The engine room is accessible through the torpedo hole on the Port Side. Both bow and stern guns are intact and heavily encrusted with life. Inside the superstructure is a sick bay with operating table. Elsewhere bottles, loading hoses and the telegraphs remain in the bridge. A must for a night dive. 28m / 90ft Upright.
Sankisan Maru : The Sankisan's aft had a huge amount of damage but the stern is upright and sits 200m away from the rest of the ship. In the forward holds are thousands of bullets, a variety of truck chassis, machine guns, aircraft engines and propellers. 22m / 72ft Upright

Yamagiri Maru: This wreck is famous for the huge 14in shells in the aft hold. Also inside is a steamroller, construction material and ships propeller. The engine room is well worth a visit but is silty. The bridge and pilot house make for a nice penetration. 30m / 100ft . This wreck lies on Port Side.
We think...
Truk Lagoon is truly special and it is probably the easiest tropical WW II wreck diving in the world. Even for those who are not so fond of wrecks, a must trip. One can just enjoy the sheer soft coral growth and critter life on the wrecks.
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