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Egypt the Middle East is, one of the cradles of human civilization. Egypt has more than just temples and pyramids, mosques and minarets, gods, graves and scholars - the modern country is not only interesting for the traveller seeking cultural diversity, it will surprise everybody. Divers, surfers, sun seekers and desert enthusiasts will find some of the most beautiful spots in the world in the water and on land Egypt is only four hours flight from most cities in Europe.
Land Tours
Although Egypt is worth a visit just for the diving, if your time allows, plan to explore the land as well. As a legacy of the pharaohs there are countless pyramids, temples and tombs. Each culturally interested visitor should go on a Nile cruise to experience the fascinating ancient monuments of the first civilization of mankind.
Hurghada is a very good starting point for day trips to Luxor and visits to the Valley of the Kings and the world's unique temples of Karnak. A visit to Cairo, the capital of Egypt should be on your to do list as well to see one of the seven wonders, the Pyramids of Giza. A two day tour is recommended for this.
Tours on the Sinai Peninsula are ranging from a camel ride in the desert at sunset, or visiting the Mount Moses and St. Catherine's monastery to a 4-wheel drive desert safari.
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