Ambon is undoubtedly famous for the world class muck diving, with a huge array of critters that can be observed and photographed during long dives. Diving in Ambon includes regular sightings of resident marine life such as rhinopias, many assorted frogfish, mandarin fish, ghost pipefish, harlequin shrimp, flamboyant cuttlefish, blue ring and hairy octopus, thorny and pygmy seahorse, stonefish, inimicus, to name a few, along with literally hundreds of different species of nudibranch. Compared to other muck diving destinations in Indonesia, Ambon is an "insider tip" and only few divers make it here. “Critters Without Crowds” is a good description when diving in Ambon.
Wreck Diving in Ambon
A lesser known fact that adds to the attractiveness of Ambon as a dive destination is a large wreck that can be easily accessed using the Nitrox facility at Maluku Divers.

The Duke of Sparta is 137m in length, has a 17m beam and was registered at 5,397 gross tons. It was sailing under Italian flag when it was bombed in Ambon Harbour in 1958 by US bombers in a battle to suppress communist rebellions in Indonesia. Today it is a great dive site waiting to be explored.
The Duke of Sparta sits upright with her stern the shallowest part of the dive, in about 15 metres of water, her bow resting in around 35 metres. The site is about 15 minutes boat ride from the Maluku Divers Resort’s waterfront location. As with all wrecks, the dive is often quite gloomy, however, when dived on the correct tide, the visibility can actually be very pleasant.
Seram and neighbouring islands
From Ambon, a number of dive cruises let you explore the remote reefs around Seram on their way north to Sorong. Resorts on neighbouring islands offer truly pristine diving conditions which are rarely found in other regions of Indonesia.
During the monsoon season from June to August (maximum temperatures to 25C/77F) the sea is a bit rougher then throughout the remaining months of the year. During the dry season, September to December and March to May (maximum temperatures to 35C/95F), diving conditions are great.
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