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Sulawesi, a geologically interesting island, is the fourth largest island of Indonesia. It is situated on both sides of the equator between Borneo and the Moluccas. The natural wonders of Sulawesi are appealing for a holidaying here. Active volcanoes, pretty beaches and tropical rainforests with unique flora and fauna are features that most people can't resist.
The tourist attractions are the death rites of the Toraja in Central Sulawesi and the known reefs in North Sulawesi. The island offers numerous possibilities for excursions. From day trips to multi-day cultural tours, there is something for everybody.
Several tours take visitors into a world of myths and rites of the dead. In Toraja society, the funeral ritual is the most elaborate and expensive event. The richer and more powerful the individual, the more elaborate is the funeral. A ceremonial site is usually prepared in a grassy field where shelters for audiences, rice barns, and other ceremonial funeral structures are specially made by the deceased family. The Toraja country has a very unique and interesting culture is certainly worth a visit.
Just beyond the city lies the Minahas Manado Highland, apart from easy-to-climb volcanoes there are many small villages to see and a visit to the market in Tomohon is highly recommended.
The Tangkoko National Park can be visited in a day trip, the main attraction is the "Tarsius", the smallest monkey in Southeast Asia, but hornbills which are extraordinary birds more species of monkeys and with a bit luck, even a pythons can be seen.
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