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This list provides a brief description of a selection of hotels and resorts, we offer in the Komodo Area/Indonesia. For each hotel a price per night is quoted. This price usually includes accommodation in a double room, including diving. Prices are shown in AUD for comparison reason and guidance only and do not account for special offers, seasonal surcharges and additional fees.

For detailed pricing please check the hotel/resort description.
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Komodo Resort & Diving Club  Labuan Bajo - Sebayur Island
Komodo Resort is located on Sebayur Island, about 24km (15mi) from Labuan Bajo, where you can enjoy remoteness and tranquility. Labuan Bajo can be reached daily by plane from Bali. The resort can be reached from Labuan Bajo on one free daily boat transfer. The resort features 16 Deluxe Bungalows.
Price per night  Description from 398.- AUD
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Komodo Resort