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This list provides a brief description of a selection of hotels and resorts, we offer in Australia. For each hotel a price per night is quoted. This price usually includes accommodation in a double room, including diving. IPrices are shown in AUD for comparison reason and guidance only and do not account for special offers, seasonal surcharges and additional fees.

For detailed pricing please check the hotel/resort description.
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Heron Island Resort  Heron Island
Located off Gladstone, at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef National Park. The pretty Heron Island Resort has 109 rooms for guests and a dive shop. Recommended by us for those who don't like to be on liveaboards or are traveling with children, Heron Island is a great alternative.
Lady Elliot Island  Bundaberg, Hervey Bay
The simple and environmentally friendly resort has 49 rooms, which gives guests the opportunity to experience the Great Barrier Reef while being land based. Lady Elliott Island is a family oriented resort with great diving on the fringing reefs. The island is serviced daily by flights from Bundaberg and Hervey Bay.
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