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This list provides a brief description of a selection of hotels and resorts, we offer in the Solomons. For each hotel a price per night is quoted. This price usually includes accommodation in a double room, including diving. Prices are shown in AUD for comparison reason and guidance only and do not account for special offers, seasonal surcharges and additional fees.
For detailed pricing please check the hotel/resort description.
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Agnes Gateway Hotel  Munda
Agnes Gateway Hotel is located in the untouched beauty of the Western Province of the Solomon Islands. Only a one hour flight from the capital Honiara, Munda is situated close to the junction of the Roviana and Vona Vona Lagoons, and it is perfect for travellers wanting to get off the beaten track.
Fatboys  Gizo
Sheltered from the Coral Sea by the surrounding islands, Fatboys Resort in Gizo could be considered the perfect hideaway. It is only a 90 minute flight from Honiara to Gizo, the capital of Western Province. The resort is situated 100m out atop the crystal clear waters of Mbabanga Island, a 10 minute boat ride from the Gizo airstrip.
Uepi Island Resort  Seghe
Uepi is truly unspoiled, the dive sites are thrilling and Uepi has one of the world's best house reefs. Uepi Island provides a rare opportunity for visitors wishing to stay in a secluded resort in the less accessible areas of the Solomon Islands. You will hardly miss any amenities on the island. This small resort offers 10 rooms only.
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