Nautilus ExplorerSan Diego, Cabo San Lucas

Nautilus Explorer Deckplan
The deckplan of the Nautilus Explorer shows a schematic arrangement of cabins, common areas, dive deck, sundeck, etc. It provides a quick overview and helps with the selection of cabins. Drawings are not to scale.
Lower Deck: Staterooms A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J
The lower deck has 8 comfy staterooms and are approx. 90 square feet with central air conditioning. Six of the staterooms have side by side beds. Two of the staterooms have large full beds and additional storage area. An affordable triple occupancy stateroom (H) is also available. All cabins have private bathrooms.
Main Deck: No cabins
The main deck features the dining room, salon/lounge and dive deck.
Upper Deck: Emerald, Dofleini, Rosario, Nautilus
One large premium suite called Emerald is available on the upper deck and is twice the size of the other suites. It has a separate bedroom and lounge, each with a large flat screen TV, ensuite with full size bathtub and shower.

Three superior suites (Dofleini, Rosario, Nautilus) on the upper deck with large windows, desk and wardrobes. Two of these suites have doors that open directly outside. The third suite boasts a large flat screen TV.
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